“Eclipse” euphoria fades as Twilight fans look down the long road to “Breaking Dawn”

By Kim Palacios

HollywoodNews.com: With “Eclipse” having released more than one week ago, Twilight fans have gotten their fix. Yet, the end of the wait for “Eclipse” marks the beginning of a long road—that to the release of “Breaking Dawn”. The final film in The Twilight Saga has yet to even begin production, making the lead time between it and “Eclipse” exceptionally long.

Each of the first three films in The Twilight Saga had an in-between wait of one year or less: “Twilight” released in November of 2008; “New Moon” followed in November of 2009, and “Eclipse” arrived shy of eight months later, in June of 2010. Yet, Summit Entertainment announced last month that the first installment of “Breaking Dawn” will not release until November 18th of 2011. That makes for an in-between wait of some eighteen months, not to mention the wait to the second installment of “Breaking Dawn”, which will release at an unnamed date in 2012.

Rumor had it that the “Breaking Dawn” film project took so long to get off the ground due to heated contract negotiations among nearly all parties involved. Secondary actors in particular were known to have played hardball when it came to compensation, and Stephenie Meyer is reputed to have staunchly held on to her rights to creative control.

Yet, did bottlenecks and negotiations jeopardize the film? It’s possible that they did. The longer the time to the next release, the greater the possibility that teen fans will outgrow the franchise. There is also the risk that other fans will lose interest, as history has proven even in other strong franchises. Long lead times between seasons jeopardized other media mega-brands, such as “Lost”.

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  • July 9, 2010 | Permalink |

    Your bio says your a Twilight fan but no fan would write what you wrote about fans losing interest. THIS ISN’T HARRY POTTER!

    You can’t outgrow Twilight because Twilight grows up with you. Breaking Dawn is the most adult book of the series. If anything, the younger fans won’t be able to see this one because Bella grows up.

    *SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*

    Bella gets married, she has an extremely sexual honeymoon, gets pregnant, has a troubling pregnancy, then has an extreme birth.

    If someone thinks fans were looking forward to a simple “leg hitch” OMG, we’re finally getting Edward & Bella together sexually…YES THERE’S FRIGG’IN INTEREST!!

    Then after she turns into a vampire, she has even more of a hotter sexual relationship with Edward. Then becomes the savior of the family against the Volturi. COME ON YOU’VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME…FADING INTEREST?! NOT ON YOUR LIFE.

    All the premiere and opening week hype has died but people are still going to see the movie. It’s made over $300 million world wide in it’s first week. It made up it’s budget in one day. The movie is just opening in the UK today and still has to open in Japan & Spain.

    So, it’s still ongoing w/hype overseas and breaking box office records there as well. DIE DOWN?! What planet are you on? You apparently don’t follow any of the Twilight bloggers or Twitterers because my tweets are non-stop about Eclipse. New cast interviews are being posted everyday. Heck E! online cannot help itself by posting stories daily about Twilight (not to mention the false comparison polls to Potter but that’s for another day).

    You’re forgetting that filming has to be completed of Breaking Dawn and we all know the paparazzi cannot help themselves by following the production team around! The poor Harry Potter movie is being released in November when filming begins for the last Twilight. I guarantee you that the day after Potter gets released, the news will be filled with Twilight. We all know that the best part of Deathly Hallows comes at the end with the final battle.

    Twilight will not fade. It’s an ongoing national conversation. So much so that the Potter fans have planted a bug on Twitter to prevent the trending of Eclipse LOL! A childish jester at best.

    With the 6 month filming of Breaking Dawn, Twilight will be constantly written about because the fans will be hungry for it. The time line: Filming begins in November; Last month of filming will be May; Other events while filming: The release of Welcome to the Riley’s which has Oscar buzz already, the Oscars, Sag Awards etc…; the release of Bel Ami; releases of other films the cast members are involved in; other fan voting award shows such as MTV Movie Awards in late May/June, UKs National Movie Awards etc… where Eclipse will continue to be in the news….

    See what I mean? The Twilight cast will constantly be in the news for either releasing their own films or because of award shows. If you think the Twilight case won’t be at the Oscars this year, think again.

    So as you can see, NOTHING IS FADING. NOTHING IS GOING AWAY. The hype of the release has died down but not the enthusiasm for Twilight. Fans are still hungry for news & right now are looking at the success of Eclipse.

    Maybe in your world, there’s not Twilight hype, but in my world and the rest of the Twihard world, it’s still alive and kicking.

  • July 10, 2010 | Permalink |

    The quicker people lose interest the better. I watched the Eclispe film today, and it was THE WORST film I have EVER SEEN in my entire life! Robert Pattinson’s acting hasn’t half gone down-hill since his ‘Potter’ days.

    Also, on the Potter topic, why did you suddenly jump on Harry Potter, I don’t think that it was even mentioned in this blog thing (I just skimmed it though, so correct me if I’m wrong). Harry Potter fans have not died down. I mean, there’s a HP theme park, Wizard-rock, Harry Potter Puppet Pals…the list is endless. All these things show that just because the films are ending, doesn’t mean the fandom is going with it! And if you hear some good twi-rock, or whatever you guys call it, tell me, because I’d love to see something about twilight which isn’t a pile of utter crap.
    LOVE Quidditch
    HATE Sparkling Fairy Puffs (sounds like a cereal >.<)
    Accio_Pandorica x

  • July 15, 2010 | Permalink |


    Seriously, Harry Potter has been around for TEN YEARS and it will be around for CENTURIES afterwards. It’s this generations Wizard of Oz. Twilight is this generartions Debbie Gibson, it’s big one moment and it will be gone the next.

    The reason Harry Potter is trending over Eclipse right now is that the TRAILER WAS JUST RELEASED YOU ASSHOLE! And that two and a half minute trailer was better than any Twilight movie I’ve ever seen.

    And you are seriously diluted if you think Eclipse will end up at the Oscars next year… LOL! I’m seriously laughing my ass off thinking about it! If anything, Harry Potter will show up there next years and they have numerous times in the past. I predict that Eclipse will end up at the Razzies because Eclipse was a fucking joke!

    Harry Potter has a theme park, wizard-rock, puppet pals, podcasts, potter puppet pals, a casty thar can ACTUALLY act, THE HIGHEST GROSSING FRANCHISE OF ALL TIME, and THE BIGGEST FRANCHISE IN WORLD HISTORY! All Twilight has is a bad taste in my mouth.

    And if you diss Harry Potter than you obviously aren’t a loyal fan to your “Edward Cullen” because Robert started his career with Harry Potter and even the Twilight casting directors said that he wouldn’t have gotten the part without his Harry Potter background!

    HARRY POTTER GROWS UP WITH YOU, not Twilight! Hell, the characters in that series don’t mature. How do you expect everyone to grow up with them if they can’t even grow up themselves?

    The movie was released a week ago and I’ve lost interest since the first movie. And you can tell from how the box office is decreasing, SO IS EVERYONE ELSE!

    Take you Twilight is better than Harry Potter BULLSHIT somewhere else because it’s seriously getting old. Go back to school and take literature again because you’re reading level is obviously poor.


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