Team Jacob or Team Ron? Part 3 of the Twilight vs Harry Potter Debate

By Hanako M. Ricks The debate continues on E! Online with Part 3 of the Twi-Potter Tournament: Team Jacob or Team Ron? I will say this right off the bat: this will actually be a tough one for me to compare, because I’m admittedly VERY biased towards Ron Weasley. Also, the way that both of these characters are written in the books and the way they’ve been portrayed in the movies are very different in a lot of ways. Also, let me make this disclaimer right now: throughout this and my other two discussions in this series, I’m basing the majority of my opinions based on the book characters, not necessarily how they are portrayed onscreen.
With that all out of the way, let’s move on to the discussion.

Jacob Black: Jacob is a character that has evolved in both good and bad ways. In Twilight, he develops a friendship with Bella, mostly based on the fact that their dads are best friends. He is the one who tells Bella the stories about the “cold ones”, which pretty much set in motion the events over the rest of the Twilight story. When Edward breaks up with and leaves Bella, she turns to Jacob. They become close, and Jacob begins to fall in love with her. Problem is – Bella is still pining away for Edward. Jacob practically spends much of the next year and a half trying to convince Bella that he is the better choice for her. He alternates between lovesick puppy (no pun intended) to being an angry, conflicted young man who feels the need to dish out threats (the terms of the Quileute/Cullen treaty) and ultimatums to Bella (if you turn you are dead to me), yet he can’t seem to stick to his guns about any of them. He can come across as pushy and over-bearing. Also, due to the proximity of the Cullens, his life is forever changed when his body instinctively turns into a werewolf. Because of his circumstances, he does mature a lot faster, and he begins to make more adult decisions regarding himself and his pack, but again, his decisions are all pretty much made based on his feelings for Bella and the need to protect her. At least until Renesmee comes along and that’s a whole other story.

Turn-ons: He has a protective streak, doesn’t age much, and can keep you warm on those long, cold nights when you’re sleeping in a tent during a snowstorm. Also, and he has the mind of an older person, he thinks things through and makes more sense than a lot of the older people around him. Also, being with him would not require any life or death decisions.

Turn-offs: Much like Edward, the majority of his actions – both good and bad – can be attributed to his love for Bella and his desire to either protect her or prevent her from turning into a vampire herself. The desperate way he begs for Bella to choose him over Edward is a huge turn-off; if you have to beg someone to be with you, then maybe they aren’t the best choice for you…especially if she keeps saying no. Also, imprinting on her baby? Weird.

Ron Weasley: What can I say about Ron ? The youngest son in a family with six of them, Ron has always had to live in the shadow of his older brothers, who all have had various successes in and out of Hogwarts. He meets the “famous” Harry Potter purely by coincidence, and this friendship changes the course of his life forever. Whereas Harry is the leader and Hermione is the brains of the trio, Ron is the strategist – he is the one who thinks things through and is not afraid to say when one of the others is wrong. He is fiercely protective of his friends and his family, but has quite the temperament fitting of a redhead; he sometimes acts before he thinks and that puts him in awkward situations at times. He exhibits a great sense of humor when it is needed, but that too can be a hindrance, as it sometimes causes him to tactlessly say things without thinking. He shows bravery at times when it is not expected of him, except when it comes to the desires of his heart. He also has a tendency to be very insecure about his own self-worth and abilities, but show his Gryffindor courage in ways that have helped change the fate of the wizarding world.

Turn-ons: He’s fiercely loyal, passionate to a fault, and outspoken. He doesn’t have a problem with going against the grain, and he’s very family oriented. He’s brave and he stands up for the people he loves, even if it ends up alienating himself from them for a while.

Turn-offs: His temper can be a bit aggravating, as well as his less-than-sensitive remarks. And he’s clueless sometimes.

My vote: I warned you of this at the top, but Weasley is my king. Even on his worst day, his temper can’t physically hurt anyone, whereas Jacob’s loss of temper results in shifting, and anyone in close proximity can get hurt. His actions are never selfish, and he always puts other people before himself. And to be honest, from the moment I met Ron in the pages of Sorcerer’s Stone, he’s always been my favorite character of the series; I never liked Jacob Black as a character until I saw Taylor Lautner’s portrayal of him onscreen.

So which best friend appeals to you more? Are you Team Jacob or Team Ron? Share your thoughts!

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  • July 9, 2010 | Permalink |

    I don’t understand the point of comparing them. Their characters aren’t in the least bit alike (except that they are the second male lead). Other than that, this comparison is pointless.

  • July 9, 2010 | Permalink |

    It’s Alexis again. Btw, I’m a HP fan.

  • August 3, 2010 | Permalink |

    this is hard because for edward vs jacob im team jacob allllll the way but for harry vs ron its tied so jacob vs ron i cant choose jacob is pushed aside by the girl he think he loves who loves a vampire and ron loves hermione and he thinks hermione loves harry and harry loves her so its a tie for me maybe ron with a little 2 point lead

  • September 9, 2010 | Permalink |

    Ron. Def, Ron. He is such a great guy.Jacob is a bit of a spaz, in my opinion.

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