Warner claims Batman domains, perhaps to promote “Dark Knight” sequel

By Sean O’Connell
Hollywoodnews.com: Is it possible Warner Bros. has taken the first steps to establish a viral campaign for Christoper Nolan’s third “Batman” film?

Fans will remember the elaborate online games the studio’s marketing department concocted, which had Bat-enthusiasts heading into the streets to take photographs of specific locations, unlocking puzzle pieces and solving riddles that eventually delivered trailers and clips for Nolan’s “The Dark Knight.”

Similar tactics likely will be employed to sell the as-yet-untitled Batman sequel … as if it really needs to raise its awareness. Given the fact that I kind of think Nolan will use The Riddler in his film, it only makes more sense that a series of riddles could be used in clever fashion to draw fans into an online game and keep them preoccupied until July 2012 — the film’s release month — rolls around.

So what makes us think the game is afoot? Well, io9 reports that Warner claimed a series of URLs, including:

– ArkhamCity.com
– BatmanArkhamCity.com
– BatmanAshesofGotham.com
– BatmanBrokenGround.com
– BatmanNewArkham.com
– BatmanGrandDelusion.com
– BatmanRiseofArkham.com
– BatmanSiegeofGotham.com
– BatmanStateofVillainy.com
– CityofArkham.com
– CloseArkhamCity.com
– PeopleforGotham.com
– StopMayorSharp.com
– WarinGothamCity.com
– WheresBruceWayne.com

The site mentions that several of them could be used to help promote the upcoming video game sequel to the amazing “Batman: Arkham Asylum.” They even show the trailer for the game, which has the action shifting from the mental institute to the streets of Gotham. So links that mention “Arkham,” “City” and “Gotham” do seem like part of the video game’s campaign.

But that last URL — WheresBruceWayne.com — strikes me. Considering at the end of “The Dark Knight,” Batman was being forced into exile, it almost makes sense that Bruce Wayne might go missing in Batman 3, as well. And who better to deduce a link between Batman and Bruce Wayne then The Riddler?

Who knows? It’s all speculation at this point. Cinematical even hashes out a few more theories as to what the URLs might mean. I think we’ll learn more at Comic-Con, when Nolan’s “Inception” is in theaters and the director can officially turn his attention to Gotham’s savior.

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