Mel Gibson moving back to Australia?

By Sean O’Connell A colleague recently asked me this question, though we had different answers. “Could you ever take Mel Gibson seriously in another movie after all of these scandals?” she inquired.

My answer, strange as it seems, is, “Well, sure.” Granted, Gibson has made some horrendous personal decisions over the years. The latest window into his dark, tormented personality is particularly disturbing … though not surprising to anyone who has paid attention.

But I have no difficulty separating an actor from a role. I may not agree with the hatred Mel spews in his free time, but I’m looking forward to seeing him in Jodie Foster’s “The Beaver,” because it sounds like an interesting story and I’m sure he brings something off-kilter to the part. Plus, as I pointed out to my colleague, the best actors tend to be off their rockers, because it makes them more interesting as subjects.

That being said, it doesn’t look like Gibson plans to give us any more opportunities to see him on screen. Australia’s Daily Telegraph newspaper reports today that Gibson is moving back to Australia with his soon-to-be-ex-wife, Robyn. He sold his residence in Upstate New York, and put his Malibu home on the market.

“Oksana’s allegations have united Mel and Robyn, and the move is her idea,” a source said.

It might also signify the end of Gibson in Hollywood. I wouldn’t declare his career over. The film industry, more than anywhere else, loves a comeback story, as well as a happy ending. But Gibson will have to write it, and a move to Australia seems to suggest he’s not interested in penning that chapter just yet.

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  • July 18, 2010 | Permalink |

    OMG. What another oeice of journalistic brilliance. There is as much chance of Mel moving back to Australia as what there is him flying to the moon. This is just another crock started by a british tabloid. The truth is that just like Tiger Woods he will do his 3 months media persecution and come back with a new movie. Even if the Jewish heirachy who run Hollywood don’t like him, he doesn’t need them anyway ICON is big enough to do its own distribution and his films will be as popular as ever, and if that is not the case any person with half a brain outside the USA thinks this whole scenario is a joke. ANd imagine the extra royalties he’s getting as all the TV stations cash in by re runninmg anything that has Mel Gibson starring in it.
    The truth is that Oxana Gregorieva has now run out of ammo, the tapes have been proven to be doctored as have the photos and she hang hung herself by lying to the courts. People are waking up to the fact that she is just another money grubbing parasite skank.
    The media being as heartless as they are will tuen on her with white hot flames as soon as the truth begins to come out of the courts. She has played all her cards and its Mel’s turn, or at least that of his legal people. Mel isn’t any angel and he did go overboard, but no person should have their life judged by 15 minutes of edited abuse. Let the filthy skank do some jail time and the deport the pig. GO MEL you have millions of supporters who can see straight through this charade.

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