Closing thoughts on Outfest 2010

By Greg Hernandez Still to come are more coverage of the Coming Out In Hollywood panel from Saturday and interviews with some of the Outfest Award winners.

But I wanted to wrap up my daily coverage of Outfest 2010 with some closing thoughts on this year’s event which ended last night.

I found myself too wiped out to make the trek to Ford Ampitheatre for the closing night screening of Spork and the after party at Madame Tussauds. The 8:30 p.m. start time just stretched the weekend a bit too much for your faithful blogger.

Anyway, I saw over two-dozen movies and shorts programs over the 11 days and attended several of the panels.

Greg’s Faves:

Favorite Movies (three-way tie): BearCity, Fit (pictured above), A Marine Story
Favorite Short: Gayby
Favorite Documentary: Out in the Silence
Favorite Panel: A Conversation With Jane Lynch

Seen and Heard:

*** A man inside the lobby of the DGA on Saturday sees Meredith Baxter and says: “I know you from somewhere.” The actress gives him a minute to figure it out then helps him along: “Family Ties?” The guy lights up and says: “That’s it! What are you up to now?” This poor uninformed dude clearly did not know that Miss Baxter had come out publicly last December and was minutes away from being the star attraction at a panel inside the DGA 1 Theatre.

*** I had this exchange with a festival goer as we walked from parking structure to the DGA Theatre: “I really loved An Ordinary Couple. It makes you believe in love.” The guy looked shocked and said: “I hated it. It made ME believe in anonymous sex.”

*** After sitting through the confusing Chinese movie Spring Fever, a guy sitting in my row turned to a friend and said: ‘It was like three bad movies rolled into one!” I could not have agreed more. As much as I wanted to like it – to follow it and understand it – it lost its way about halfway through and so did the audience.

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  • July 19, 2010 | Permalink |

    Hi Greg,

    Interesting parking lot conversation re: An Ordinary Couple. Here are a few of the comments sent my way:

    You are making an impact on future generations.

    Clearly one of the strongest films I’ve seen.

    The editing was so well done, picking up the nuances of your relationship and keeping the film moving.

    The music score was great. It added to the film without distracting from it.

    Film is outstanding. A truly powerful and poignant (in a pleasurable and heartwarming way) work of art and life.

    The editing was so well done, picking up the nuances of your relationship and keeping the film moving.

    Words simply cannot express how beautiful and touching it was. Thank you for being generous enough to share something so personal with us. What you gave us is Hope, and that is far more valuable than any material thing could ever be. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

    I was very moved by the movie and cried a couple of times.
    It was touching, sad, poignant and hysterical!
    Your film is so riveting. On a purely artistic and cultural level, it is compelling and needs to be seen widely.

    My wife and I saw Premier showing of an Ordinary Couple on 7/11/10. I suggest that you see it and will participate in what I consider to be a major event in the evolution of human relations. 

    I believe that 50 years from now, this film, hoping it gets the distribution it deserves, will be acknowledged as a landmark in the assimilation of the heterosexual and homosexual worlds. 

    I highly recommend this film. This is a true love story. 

    I laughed one minute.. and was moved to tears the next. 
    Incredibly moving.

    The film was inspirational and an effective step toward breaking down a wall. I
    feel honored to have been able to be there last Sunday.

    Funny, sentimental, loving and so true. You should write a book, there is so much that you can offer to bring relationships to a higher level.

    Tonight was the final screening of An Ordinary Couple at Outfest 2010. Sad to see it end, but hope it is the beginning of a new chapter. From the viewer responses it appears our story inspires as well as entertains.

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