Justin Bieber working with Dr. Dre

HollywoodNews.com: Carrying on with his musical success, Justin Bieber is working with another great in Dr. Dre.

Having already partnered up with Usher, Bieber revealed on his Twitter that he had been in the studio with Dr. Dre. The teen sensation let his fans know that they had “made a couple beats,” but he made sure not to leave before he got the legend to pass on some advice.

Bieber and Dr. Dre fans can only wonder what this musical pairing will bring.

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  • July 20, 2010 | Permalink |

    Oh yeah, rappers are so “gangsta” that they cash in on the biggest hacks in the “music” biz. Ludacris is so gangsta that he called Justin Bieber his dog. Dr. Dre is so gangsta, that he never actually shot someone and makes money of “white boys.” Justin Bieber is so gangsta, that he has never actually been near an actual hood. Or, for one, has ever experience real thugs and yet he acts like a black gangsta. Can’t wait till that wiggers 15 min are over. Let’s see if anyone will care about his crap in two years. Also, I wouldn’t be surprise if Feminime would work with him. I mean, he also collaborates with pop ho’s and the fakest “rappers” in the biz. But, then again all the MTV sluts think Eminem is real hip hop. I’m telling you, for almost two decades already it’s been all about this fake rap crap, and especially the pop sh!t. Today EVERYONE sounds the same in every frickin genre! These lame untalented hacks become so famous for having no talent and doing the same songs like everyone else. Gaga by the way, the most unoriginal whore ever. Music is dead, Unless what happened in 91 can occure again, the kiss these @ssholes goodbye. But if not, then these pop ho’s were the signs of 2012. And enough with the “haters” crap, that word will be outdated by the time this world is full of sh!t. Oh wait, it already is.

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