J.K. Rowling Working on New Book?

By Hanako M. Ricks

HollywoodNews.com: A small report on Scotsman.com News has stirred the curiosity in almost every Harry Potter reader around: is J.K. Rowling working on a new book?

Reports that Rowling was spotted tapping away on her laptop in an enclosed corner at a coffee shop this week is the cause of some speculation on her latest writing activities, with fans wondering if she is working on her newest children’s book (which was to be her next project post-Harry Potter), or if she could be working on the heavily anticipated “Scottish book” as she jokingly referred to it – an encyclopedia of the Harry Potter universe that she said she may write, which would provide details that either were never included in the final drafts for the books or had to be edited out – including back stories on some of the minor but loved characters. Rowling stated that she would probably pen that tome “about ten years” after Harry Potter ended, with the proceeds going to charity.

Whatever she happens to be working on, her fans will continue to wait – maybe not so patiently – for her next project.

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  • July 23, 2010 | Permalink |

    Wasn’t it Ian Rankin, the noted Edinburgh thriller writer who let it sllp that his wife spotted Rowling writing a thriller in a cafe? Some eyesight your wife has Mr. Rankin… not that you and the blessed Joanne would ever confer on hammering out a thriller in a vain bid to help Rowling put her disgusting plagiarisms behind her and establish some purchase on talent of which she has precious little. It is rumoured that her last novel was ghost-written by somebody else. Surely not! We all know there is just the solitary weeping Joanne slaving away in the Harry Potter kitchen because that is what we have been told…. by her PR people. And of course those poor dudes who have spent eight years of their lives, paid millions to lawyers and mortgaged their houses to bring it home to us all that Rowling didn’t invent a damn thing not derived from other sources and who have an Anglican minister to fight their corner …. well, they are just money-grubbing bad people to a man..And we know this because Rowling’s supporters have told us. Come on! How many myths and cons do you have to swallow before you all wake up and smell the coffee? Potter is the biggest con of the age that puts the Great Train Robbery to shame. A con, let it be said, aided and abetted by the UK media establishment including the BBC!

  • October 10, 2010 | Permalink |

    Why all the JK hating James? Have you read the books, or are you just choosing to dislike an author based on others views. The theme of witchcraft has of course been used before, however the stories which are most popular are often ideas recycled. If you look closely at the lord of the rings for example, there are clear signs of your so called plagiarism from wagners the ring. Look up the story if you don’t believe me. Does that prevent Lord of the Rings from being one of the greatest books and set of movie trilogy out there, NO of course NOT! Anyway, best to get your facts straight before pushing your lonely opinions across. And i will happily read and enjoy the harry potter books and films as does most of the nation.

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