SDCC ’10: Vanessa Hudgens moves from ‘High School’ to huge gunfights in ‘Sucker Punch’ Currently Vanessa Hudgens is best known for her star-making turn in the High School Musical films, where her palpable chemistry with co-star Zac Efron made her the object of affection four countless clean-scrubbed teenagers. But next March, she debuts a collaboration with a different Zack – Watchmen and 300 director Zack Snyder – when his original project Sucker Punch premieres.

Hudgens, along with Snyder and her co-stars Jena Malone, Carla Gugino, Emily Browning, Jamie Chung, screened a sizzle reel of footage from Sucker Punch at this year’s San Diego comic-Con. Following their hugely successful Hall H presentation, Hudgens and co. appeared at a press conference where they provided a few more insights about the forthcoming film. Additionally, Hudgens addressed her own efforts to grow up both on and off screen, and reflected on the process of graduation from High School (Musical).

Hollywood News: Vanessa, how has it been to move on from the Disney-oriented projects of your youth to take on more adult roles and films?

Hudgens: It was kind of a challenge for a second, just because I feel like a lot of people could only see me as a girl that randomly broke into song and dance. But I heard about this movie, and I thought it was the coolest thing ever – as it was. I auditioned for it several times and I think as long as I put the work in, hopefully people will give me a chance. And once they see me in this, I won’t be the little showtune girl.

Hollywood News: Can you talk a little bit about your character?

Hudgens: Okey dokey! (laughs) I play Blondie, and she’s a really fun character – and yes, [her name] is ironic.

Hollywood News: How different was the dancing that you had to so in Sucker Punch, and what other sorts of preparation did you have to do for the role?

Hudgens: I enjoy it, I love it. I grew up dancing and I spent like six years of my life in the dance studio every single day and as I grew up I started to move around and then stopped dancing. But dance studios now, they are just so intimidating, so I haven’t gotten back to it, but once I found out that we were going to be able to do a little bit in this movie, I was so excited that I get to do more of a themed dance in this, and it’s just so much fun. And because it is very theatrical, it gives you so much room to play and just really make it your own. I had a great time.

Hollywood News: Do you have any sort of technology or geek stuff that you’re really excited about or can’t live without?

Hudgens: I want to find the Call of Duty: Black Ops [footage]. I think they’re showing a little bit of it here, and I love that game.

Hollywood News: How do you feel about your High School Musical experience in retrospect, and what kind of connection do you have to it now that you’re moving on to projects like this one?

Hudgens: Well, I see Zac a lot. The other Zac (laughs). But I think just not having as much responsibility; I feel like High School Musical was really a part of my childhood, and as soon as it was finished, I was like, okay, now it’s time to grow up and start to figure things out. It’s about just having less responsibility. But I’m enjoying growing up and it got me to be able to do this, which has made me grow up a lot as well.

Hollywood News: Having seen the footage for the first time at Comic-Con, how closely did it meet what you were imagining while filming?

Hudgens: You could never imagine it to be as good, I think as what we saw today. I mean, the scenes where I’m shooting at this dragon and Zack’s like, “just shoot there and it’s going to go up there and so shoot there and then go down there and shoot there,” just shooting at little balls on the green screen, just seeing it today was like, my God! I feel like I could only expect it from Zack. It just blows me away.

Hollywood News: Because this looked so fun and you get to play with so many cool toys, did you take anything home from set after shooting?

Hudgens: I was thinking about just taking it on my own. I was trying not to say steal, but yeah (laughs).

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    I’ve seen the teaser posters and they are awesome. She’s finally out of that teenie bopper role.

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