Steve Carell is the “Hollywood Movie Star of the Week”

By Anthony D’Alessandro It’s been said that death is easier than comedy; however, Steve Carell wears the genre as feasibly as a glove. Some of the best comedic actors make a living by portraying offbeat characters; however, some of the better clowns can segue between the straight man and wacky guy with ease. Carell is in the latter category.

Earlier this year, as a suburban father/husband, Carell weathered urban shenanigans with Tina Fey in ‘Date Night.’ On the other side of the spectrum, Carell voiced the character for Gru, a sinister Russian-sounding villain with a heart of gold in the hit animated comedy ‘Despicable Me.’

And Carell doesn’t just excel at his craft, but remains a bankable actor as well, evident in the budding box office returns for his latest laugh entry ‘Dinner for Schmucks.’ This year alone, Carell’s three films, ‘Date Night,’ ‘Despicable Me’ and the Friday sales from ‘Schmucks,’ have raked in over $350 million worldwide.

In ‘Schmucks’ Carell plays Barry, a loveable goof who is amazed by the simple. Barry possesses an absurd skill for recreating famed paintings from stuffed dead mice. Though he’s the butt of Tim’s (Paul Rudd) prank, a guest for a dinner of schmucks that his boss is hosting. Barry’s sincerity awakens Tim to his own shortcomings. Yet, the best moments in ‘Schmucks’ are Carell’s scenes with fellow zany man Zach Galifianakis, who plays a crazed mind-controller, hysterical sequences which come off like Bob Newhart and Andy Kaufman playing an aggressive game of kick the can.

For his ability to always make audiences laugh as well as his down-to-earth likeability, it is our honor to crown Steve Carell the Hollywood Star of the Week.

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