“Bones” meets “Jersey Shore”: Emily Deschanel Interview

By Fred Topel

Warning: Spoilers follow

HollywoodNews.com: The star of TV’s Bones came to the Fox party for the Television Critics Association fall press tour. Emily Deschanel is entering her sixth season as Temperance Brennan. Things aren’t like they used to be though, and Deschanel was excited to talk about the changes coming to Bones.

Unless you really want to know absolutely nothing going into this season, it should be safe to read our interview. You can kind of imagine where things were going after last season, and we’re only talking about where the season starts. Plus, the first few mysteries “Bones” herself will have to solve.

Q: You had a monumental season with the 100th episode and the kiss. How will you top that this year?

Emily Deschanel: Well, Booth and Brennan have a whole new dynamic now. We come back from far corners of the earth. Booth has fallen in love with a journalist in Afghanistan so that kind of changes the dynamic. I think the dynamic between the two characters changes because of this new person in their lives, in Booth’s life specifically. If you could look at last season as a season where Booth kind of pines after Brennan, this season may be the season where Brennan pines after Booth in her way.

Q: There was even an episode that explored how fans were divided between wanting to follow the relationship and wanting to follow the cases. How do you strike that balance this year?

ED: Well, I think that you keep changing the dynamic between the characters. I think that keeps it interesting and changing without getting us together quite yet. I think when you have different barriers in the way of getting us together, like one character is trying to protect herself like mine, or Booth now moving on saying, “I have to move on” and getting a girlfriend. It’s the causes of problems, us getting together. So I think it changes the relationship and makes me really realize that I do love him and will love him whether he’s with me or with someone else. If he ends up with another woman in his life for the long run, I have to accept that if I love him really. That’s genuine love and it’s deep love to love someone and not have to possess them to be happy for them.

Q: We have to be careful even what we talk about because the readers will be mad if we reveal too much. Do you find you have to be careful when you’re describing the show?

ED: Yeah, you have to be careful sometimes what you say. Sometimes I have to stop myself but I also want to keep it interesting for myself and say different things.

Q: As a character who’s so professional and scientific, how do you express these things you’ve been describing to me about pining and loving?

ED: Oh, you don’t express them at all. I think Brennan wouldn’t even be able to express it herself. I don’t think she’s even aware that she feels that way at all. But she feels it underneath so I think that’s why she’s such an interesting character. She has all these emotions going on but she’s not even aware of them sometimes until it hits her in the face.

Q: What are some of the interesting cases this year?

ED: There’s a child that has gone missing. There’s a body found so we have to figure out if it’s actually the kid or not.

Q: I hope that has a happy ending.

ED: It’s happy and sad. I’ll say that. We’re doing a Jersey Shore episode which will be fun. Brennan’s aware of all the lingo and the anthropological goings on of “guidos” I guess.

Q: Is that with the cast of Jersey Shore or just the atmosphere of it?

ED: No, it’s the Jersey Shore type people. Snooki will not be on Bones as far as I know.

Q: But that’s a quick trip from D.C., right?

ED: Yeah, it’s not that far. You know, we’ve gone to Texas before, we’ve gone to Vegas. We handle federal cases. I guess that can be anywhere.

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