Edgar Wright and Bryan Lee O’Malley on bringing ‘Scott Pilgrim’ to the screen

HollywoodNews.com: “Scott Pilgrim vs. the World” film director Edgar Wright sat down with Bryan Lee O’Malley–the creator of the original series of graphic novels–at Movie-Con this weekend to talk about the process of bringing the comic hero to life.

Throughout filming, Wright and O’Malley stayed in contact to ensure the most faithful possible adaptation. “I was given the book in 2004, and when we wrote the first draft of the script only three books had been published but we’d picked Bryan’s brains about the other three,” explains Wright. “So over a five year period…we went in tandem.”

One of the more interesting and unique challenges presented with adapting the novels was the question of what Scott’s band, Sex Bob-Omb–along with the several competing bands featured–actually sounds like. “We sent mix tapes back in forth like we were dating and fell in love,” says O’Malley. “I do one mix tape for each book, and he did four all at once.”

“It was the first thing we bonded over, apart from the books themselves,” adds Wright. “We had to solve a problem that Bryan didn’t have to worry about, which was what the bands sounded like. In the first draft we had a running joke where you didn’t hear any of the bands. With this, we wanted to make sure it looked and felt real. When Nigel Godrich came onboard to do the score, we did a little tour to meet different artists, and the idea was to make a different artist do each band so they’d sound different. Even Beck, my brief to him was that it should be somewhere between awful and awesome, and in the best way he knocked them all out in a weekend, so hopefully it sounded more real than some movie bands.”

With both the series and the film now complete, each creator is open with their feelings on the end results. “I’m pretty satisfied with it,” O’Malley says, while Wright reveals, “There are some set pieces in the book that look much cooler on the page than they would in live action–like the Honest Ed’s sequence. Some things early on we just knew we didn’t have time to cover, like Knives’ dad and Lisa Miller. It was such an organic process throughout that we realized early on how much they’d have to diverge to make it work. I hope that everyone who sees the film will go out and buy the books.”

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