Adam Lambert sells out of pre-sales for “Acoustic Live!” EP Adam Lambert seems to have quite the loyal fan base, his upcoming “Acoustic Live!” EP has already sold out and those are just the pre-sales! A second printing of the five-song EP is already underway, according to an RCA representative on Adam Lambert’s official website

The Examiner reports that the five-song EP and the “exclusive poster bundle” EP (which comes with a limited edition poster of the cover art) have already sold out. Lambert’s loyal fans are quick to jump on anything relating to the star, so a second printing may cause another uproar depending on how collectible the second printing is. It sounds like it may be yet another collectible commodity according to an RCA representative.

“We’re working on a 2nd printing already, guys, and making slight alterations on the packaging to distinguish it from the first (can you say collectible?), probably with a different colored spine on the CD.”

Seems like a marketing snafu for the consumers, would you buy the second printing if you already ordered the first printing? Let us know what you think and keep checking back to for all the latest on Adam Lambert.

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  • December 1, 2010 | Permalink |

    You, know. Call me crazy, but maybe, just maybe, some of those EPs have been bought by people who aren’t “loyal fans” but are just people who appreciate a freakishly good vocal on an acoustic EP. I say this only because the EP is not “just a commodity”, it’s a brilliant piece of musicality and the world is full of people who are loyal fans of brilliant music. Your article makes it sound like the EP is rubbish and is only being purchased out of loyalty. Have you listened to it?

  • December 1, 2010 | Permalink |

    I’ve already pre-ordered the first one. I didn’t know the 2nd printing was going to be different (not sure how I missed this). I’d like to buy the 2nd one as well 🙂

  • December 1, 2010 | Permalink |

    I totally agree with jacki’s comment. First of all, if you are NOT a “fan” of an artist’s work, then WHY would you buy their EP?
    And second, this singer/performer is drawing new fans every day. Country by country.Note by note. So unless you have heard the VOICE….the real, true, non-autotuned and remarkable VOICE … cannot fully appreciate the true mega-talent that IS Adam Lambert.
    Jacki is also correct in pointing out that one need not be a “loyal fan” in order to appreciate what they are hearing. (but after listening, I’m sure they will become one as well)
    Bottom line, where would Bieber, Gaga, Katy Perry, Usher, etc…be without “loyal fans” anyway? Where would Frank Sinatra, Elvis, The Beatles or Michael Jackson have been without them, for that matter? Buy the EP, first or second edition, doesn’t matter.Buy 2, an extra for after you wear out the first. ;D

  • December 1, 2010 | Permalink |

    Well, with a different colored spine, of course I’ll buy the new printing of the Acoustic Live EP! This man will be legendary in a few years, so I buy everything he records. Adam is the best singer of my lifetime….no kidding!

  • December 1, 2010 | Permalink |

    The glam rocker is one of the most talented singers out today. Of course his accoustic ep will sell out fast.

  • December 1, 2010 | Permalink |

    Of course I’ll buy the second, especially now that I know the first has been sold out! I bought several of those, wanting to give a few as gifts. But those are now the original limited editions in my mind! The second printing has Adam shirtless (enough of a reason right there — seriously though, I do love the cover art concept), which distinguishes it. Anyway, for all my friends who don’t understand FYE, I’m sure they will understand this acoustic EP 🙂

  • December 1, 2010 | Permalink |

    Yes I think I will buy the second printing because I wanted two copies anyway. I like to have a copy at home (collecttable) and one in the car. I will probably download it on my iPod as well so I can listen when running. I really just love Adam Lamberts voice; he has mad talent!!

  • December 2, 2010 | Permalink |

    Well .. of course I’ll buy a second printing & a third .. fourth or however many they decide to release. ADAM is the only artist I have followed since ELVIS .. and I have quite a few collector’s items from ELVIS including a double sided picture album which has NEVER been opened … bought two of those too. Now I buy two of ADAM’s CDs too … one for listening … one for my collection. I’m also waiting for RCA to release the DVD of ADAM’s Glam Nation tour. TWO more for my shopping list!! THAT VOICE!! THAT VOICE!!!

  • December 2, 2010 | Permalink |

    Like JLM, I’ll buy two copies just as I did with “For Your Entertainment” so I can play Adam at home and in the car. Really looking forward to the acoustic version for his amazing vocals!

  • December 2, 2010 | Permalink |

    A friend of mine is a big Adam Lambert fan and she asked me to listen to the acoustic version of What Do You Want From Me. I think he has a good voice, but have not really been into his music. But after hearing this song, I plan to buy the EP when they make more. He knocked me out.

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