‘Housewives of Beverly Hills’ finale fight was “draining”

HollywoodNews.com: For everyone who watched the finale episode of ‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,’ the fight between sisters Kim and Kyle Richards was almost too hard to handle, and the castmates would agree.

Adrienne Maloof tried to mediate between the sisters, but it almost became too much for even her to deal with, states UsMagazine.com. “It was emotionally and physically draining,” Maloof said about what she calls “the most difficult scene of the whole season.”

For those who missed it, the close of the season involved the two sisters exchanging some harsh words as Kyle called Kim an alcoholic after Kim claimed Kyle stole her house.

Do you think Kim and Kyle will make up? Who do you think was wrong in the fight?

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  • January 21, 2011 | Permalink |

    Kyle is toxic and should stay out of Kim’s life completely

  • January 21, 2011 | Permalink |

    >> Adrienne — She sometimes seems to be a bitch to her hubby, but does not like to be involved in drama. My guess is that Bravo will not renew her contract for more than 2 seasons because she is not a “drama queen.” Love her, and those BADASS shoes from the season finale, nonetheless. 🙂

    >> Lisa — Yes, she was jealous that her “bestie” Kyle was spending more time with Taylor than with Lisa herself. There was definite jealousy in Lisa’s heart when Lisa, Kyle and Taylor had lunch, so at THAT time Lisa mentioned her suspicions to Kyle regarding NY to try to get Kyle to see that Taylor is an “unaware” liar and a lost woman. — It may seem that Lisa was trying to cause some kind of commotion, but I honestly do not believe that Lisa meant for Taylor to accost Kim the way Taylor did at the party. I believe Lisa really wanted to just clear the air. — I’m so glad Lisa sided with her husband to let Cedric know that it’s time for Cedric to go. Cedric needs to learn to fend for himself, as any self-respecting human being should do. Also, Lisa and her husband should investigate Cedric’s story about his life to check if Cedric was telling the truth.

    >> Taylor — She acted out based on how she felt from her husband’s neglect. She needs to develop a backbone and figure out how to create a paying job to support herself and move on from Russell. (On a side note, Russell may be a negligent husband because his business was beginning to fail and he did not know how to dig himself out of the financial mess he was in, OR he may be a homosexual man [not that there is anything wrong with that] who is afraid to come out of the closet).

    >> Camille — The only thing that I can say is that she knew how to play Kelsey for years with her “subtle” manipulation. Yes, it was wrong the way he went about leaving her, but he was possibly angry due to all the years of humiliation Camille bestowed on him, and the innumerable shopping sprees she went on. This was probably his only way of getting back at her. (I hope that he does not suffer the same kind of humiliation, or worse, at the hands of his new (homewrecking) 29-year-old fiancee. — Camille also needs to leave her male “best friend” alone. It is SOOOOO obvious that she would like to have intromission with him. I just wish that he would tell Camille to stop with the lip kisses because that is a sign of disrespect to his wife. I also wish that his wife would talk to him and Camille about Camille’s behavior. — Regarding last night’s episode, Camille seemed (to me) to be playing it up for the camera when she was talking to her best employee/friend regarding Kelsey leaving her. Anyway, Camille is a nut who needs to seek help.

    >> Kyle — She seems to be the kind of woman who loves the glitz and glamor of being a Beverly Hills wife. Her husband, Mauricio, seems to be a nice man. I just hope he’s faithful. (I really hope that Allison DuBois was wrong about her reading of Kyle at the dinner that night at Camille’s house.) — Kyle, take it easy on Kim. I know it’s hard to be the more mature of the two, but if the roles were reversed, you would probably have a hard time as well knowing that all the money you made as a child was used to support your entire family, leaving you with nothing as an adult. Take the time to work with Kim to be better. Keep in mind, she was the only sister who attended your daughter’s graduation ceremony and dinner. Kathy and her family were so conveniently “not available and on vacation” knowing they had advance notification of the ceremony.

    >> Kim — I know it’s hard, Kim, but you profess such deep love for your children. It’s time to compartmentalize all the issues you have and only use them to make yourself better. Focus on yourself so that you can become a positive influence for your children. Love you as a person!!!!

    SMOOCHES, all!!!! :-*t

  • January 21, 2011 | Permalink |

    Please let Kim know that she is my favorite and I find it applalling the way the other women continue to pick at and on her.

    Taylor started the brawl in the finale by choosing the wrong place and the wrong time to bring up such a topic. Kim’s emotionally disturbed (she cannot seem to go anywhere and socialize with anyone in a mixed group without a scene) sister, Kyle, seemed poised for a scene from the moment Kim arrived. She appeared to be jealous of the attentin Kim was getting and made remarks. She pounced the minute she heard her name mentioned and was ready to lash out at Kim before she even knew what was going on and what had been said.

    Based on the interraction I have witnessed between Taylor and her husband, perhaps Taylor’s time would be better spent getting her own house in order.

    Kyle needs to treat her sister like an adult and with the repect she deserves. Even if she is helping Kim financially it sounded like Kyle owes her whole privledged upbringing to the career and paychecks of her sister Kim.

  • January 22, 2011 | Permalink |

    I agree 100% with everything Stephanie wrote above except a couple of things…Lisa should never had told Taylor to discuss things with Kim to straighten things out. Sometimes you don’t need to discuss things to death which risk making it worse…you just have to move on.

    I think Kyle could be facing what happened with Jill in HWNYC…everyone loved her first season and couldn’t stand her 2nd season after fued with Bethanny brought out her true colors.

  • January 22, 2011 | Permalink |

    As a trained therapist I watched in horror at the way Kyle treated her sister. While it is clear both women have issues, there are boundries one does not cross. To bring out family secrets is just not done. Kyle is an insecure woman who does not have the financial means
    like the others and I wonder if for some reason Kim serves as a reminder that Kyle is not the Bev Hills woman she aspires to be. Perhaps that is why she treats Kim with such disdain yet would never treat her other pals like that. Kyle plays the victim and after awhile it becomes old. She is not the light hearted person she pretends to be, actually a insecure woman living in fear, ergo the panic attacks. It is interesting that her other sister can seem to do no wrong. Is it because in her world, money seems to make everything OK. I have a sister and we do not get along but I would NEVER sell her out. Kyle, your sister was there for you for many years, she speaks fondly of you when you were younger. I bet you were a spoiled brat who always wanted to be her and now that you are older, and you are more settled, you are punishing her. Maybe you should check yourself out. I am not going to watch this show if you are on next season. Children are dying because of bullies like you….you make me sick.

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