Robert Pattinson dropping on the hot online list Robert Pattinson may be all anyone talks about, but apparently he isn’t as popular all over the Internet like he seems to be.

The power of the ‘Twilight’ star’s online presence has reportedly dropped in the last week, states Deadbolt.

According to Gossip Center’s Hot 45 list, Pattinson fell from the #3 spot all the way to #110. It is believed that the big decline was in part because the press is being shielded from the filming of ‘Breaking Dawn’ which is what is occupying all of Pattinson’s time.

Are you surprised Robert Pattinson would fall on the list?

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  • March 13, 2011 | Permalink |

    What’ s down on my list, is that it is these supposed fans who put Robert on a pedistal so quickly in the first place, that even someone as wonderful as Rob could not live up to, and never wanted to be put their in the first place, are the same “fans” to pull him off so quickly…Why? because his latest cover was not up to par. I thought it was beautiful. Because all you got out of a very honest, beautiful, and sad artical, was what he said about Charlie. Rob is a fan of his work, not his scandels, his words. And he likes that he can say what he feels, where Rob cannot, for he is too shy and too concered with other peoples feelings, and Summit may have more control over him than we know or he likes, but he does his job, and as he said “does not like to complain.” However, Twilight has been a double-edged sword. I so can relate to his appreciation of someone stronger then himself, like Charlie. I do not like Charlie personally, but he is funny, and as i far as i am concerned, sick. This may be out of characteristic to those who would never think Rob would say this. It was never meant to hurt anyone. Rob is obviously at a breaking point, and very frustated, this could have been the reason for his comment. Rob is not perfect, and he would be the fist to say so, but he is honest, and is a beautiful person on the inside especially. After reading this artical, i felt concern for Rob, like a fan should. As for these ‘games” people are tired of when it comes to Rob & Kris, it is these types of fans that quoted it as a game in the first place, and the media that made it into one. Rob and Kris have only tried to keep private, the only thing that has not been taken from them, their relationship. They may not be able to speak of it, or want to. They however, have never played games or lied. Robert is the best person to come to hollywood in a long time. He is a breath of fresh air, and to have so many wonderful qualities, he has the most important of all humility…Everyone that has meet him, come to know him or had known him for sometime, have had nothing but lovely words to say about this lovely person.
    He has always been gracious to his fans, until the paparazzi made things impossible to keep the same contact, that he says he misses the most. I am from Vancouver, and read in my paper that security had to truly be stepped up, to the point Vancouver has never seen for one person in particular. However, all Robert worried about, was that fans were getting hurt. The only other actor to come close to Robert’s genuiness is someone who also likes Rob very much, James Franco. Robert has impressed many (important) people in Hollywood with his manners, respect, kindness, sense of humor, natural charm, adorable awkwardness, shyness, and humiliy. His excellent work ethic, his desire to just be an actor, and his obvious likeableness. I remember a quote he made in People Mag when he said…”Though for the longest time he did not get his popularity, thought is was really Edwards, but one day looking down at a fan and seeing their happiness, was humbled, and this has helped him, make more sense of everything, except what has come his way, as well as appreciate it.”
    I adore you Robert, for you are special, You have helped to distract me from the saddness and pain that engolfed my life after my wonderful Husband died…And the Twilight books and movies helped my daughter to escape from her pain. Even if for both of us, just long enough to let sleep take over.
    I thank you for you. I became a fan of Robert’s music and other movies, and especially of his lovely self. I look so foward to WFE (which will pave the rest of your way), and everything else your future holds, but hope more for your own happiness and good health (quit smoking). Your a young man who has a wonderful support system in a family, you do not hesitate to show your love and appreciation for, as you have said, “They are your life.” You’ve had friends from childhood who care for you very much, as you do them, and an ex-girlfriend, you were together with for three years, that say’s to this day, “…you are a wonderful person, still a caring friend, amazingly gifted, and will make a great father one day.”…These things said are very telling as to the person you are. I would love for my daughter to bring home such an amazing man.
    All of this is so much more important then a poll, that does not speak for those who you will always mean something to…
    Thank you, Robert…Edward who???

  • March 13, 2011 | Permalink |

    Robert down, some say because of his “support ” of Charlie Sheen, yet Charlie sheen is up, lol.
    Robert is a fan of Charlie’s work, not his scandles. He also likes that he can say what he feels and not care. For Robert, this would almost be impossible, due to his shyness, and his not wanting to hurt anyone’s feeling’s. The control aspect of Summit probably plays apart…He understandably feels like his life is out of control with all of the Twilight craziness, caused by alot of fans, media, tabloids, paparazzi…He was never prepared for this…Twilight has been a double-edged sword for him. Those fickle fans that so quickly put him on a pedestal, so to make his head spin, have just as quickly pulled him off…and he has been nothing but gracious to them at all times, unless they are going to end up stalking him at all hours, attacking him, just to get a piece of him, so to speak, he’s not a piece of meat. Screaming into his face, chasing him into a taxi …These are fans? sounds more like haters to me. Why??? This is what i just do not understand. This young man is so obviously a lovely person, inside and out. Everybody that encounters him, has worked with him, or knows him, has said as much. You can also gather this much and more from live interviews, writen interviews…He is a genuine, sweet, well-mannered, respectful, kind gentleman, his mother would have had it no other way;) as Robert has said, and the way he speaks about his family, is touching, and loving…”They are my support, and my life.” This young man is also very intelligent, has a wicked wit, and sense of humour, as well as being a talented actor and musician. He’s not perfect, and would be the first to admit it, due to his always evident humility…He calls himself awkward, and thinks he looks like a “charicature”. He is too hard on himself, more so than anybody else could be on him. He is a breath of fresh air in Hollywood, much like James Franco is. He is special. He has handled himself wonderfully under all of the pressure, and is obviously well grounded, thanks to his family, and the friends he has had since childhood. Even his ex GF, who Robert was with for three years, has nothing but kind things to say about him..This is all very telling of the kind of person Rob is. I look so forward to WFE, and to wave a final goodbye to Edward…As you may have guessed, i am a fan of Robert’s, but a fan that cares about the person and actor he is. A fan that want’s nothing but his happiness, and for the world to see he is an actor. I am from Vancouver, where Robert is right now, yet i would never stalk him, attack him, or scream in his face. I would prefer to leave him in the peace he finds so rare.piperp

  • March 13, 2011 | Permalink |

    I am not suprize becouse I know this effect connected with fact that most Roberts fans use only his fansites not another internet sources now

  • March 13, 2011 | Permalink |

    The people who put out this list are crazy. Robert is just as hot and a good looking at he ever was. He’s #1 on my list and always will be.

  • March 13, 2011 | Permalink |

    I’d like to see the whole list. Where was it published? I also wonder how data was collected. There are too many unknowns to take it seriously. I don’t feel like Rob’s popularity dropped. Going by a number of active fan blogs devoted to him and activity on his IMDb board, he doesn’t seem less popular than before. If there are fewer gossip blogs that post about him than I am truly happy for Rob because it means that his life is not tabloid feeder and that’s how he likes it. It is a known fact that he shies away from lime light and doesn’t crave celebrity status. He works towards being perceived as a serious actor judging by his post-Twilight choice of projects.

  • March 14, 2011 | Permalink |

    this list is as shallow as your story…I thought you guys are trained write like a pathetic housewife

  • March 15, 2011 | Permalink |

    Robert is still #1 in my book, he has a beautiful soul,i guess he must of been born that way,he is a breath of fresh air in hollywood, Robert sweetie stay the way you are, more things are coming your

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