Kelly Osbourne Interview: On Fashion Police And How To Stand On The Red Carpet Kelly Osbourne joined E!’s the Fashion Police this year, with Joan and Melissa Rivers and George Kotsiopoulos. Each Friday she’ll join the red carpet veterans critiquing celebrity wardrobe from the week’s red carpet events. The entire quartet of Fashion Police presented the show to the press for summer reporting. Then Osbourne broke off to give an interview of her own.

Q: Are you the counterpoint to the Fashion Police?

KO: We all are. We all cater to our demographic if you know what I mean. Except for Joan, everyone loves her.

Q: Are Joan and Melissa similar to you and your mom?

KO: Oh my gosh, so much is the same. Joan and Melissa are so much like me and my mom and that’s one of the things that I loved so much about joining their family and joining what they do. They welcome you with open arms and Joan’s been nothing but so supportive and the grandmother I never had. She comes in every morning, asks me how I’m doing, gives me advice. It’s just been amazing. I’m so used to working in a family situation, to come and be so accepted into one that’s not even mine is incredible.

Q: What’s the most embarrassing fashion trend you ever took part in?

KO: How much time do you have? There are so many of them but there’s a couple gifts that keep on giving for the rest of my life and I wish that they’d just go away.

Q: How about your worst red carpet memory?

KO: Probably when I showed up to the Clive Davis party drunk in a wig thinking I looked incredible and I looked like I fell off the stage at Hairspray, like ridiculous.

Q: Or your best red carpet memory?

KO: No, because I never will be and I never want to be one of those girls that can walk down the red carpet and sit there and pout. I can’t do it, I always stand there, always look like I need to fart or I’m smelling poop. I get so uncomfortable. It was only this year that I actually got taught how to stand properly on a red carpet. I did RuPaul’s Drag University. Frank Gatson, the choreographer for Beyonce who did ‘Single Ladies,’ he was one of the judges. They took a picture of us and he went, “Agh! No, no, no, no, no, no.” And he told me how to stand properly. This is the way I describe it. You take your bunion to your other bunion, turn it in, put your hand on your hips.

Q: What’s the worst fashion thing you still love even though you know better?

KO: I like my sweat pants and I love my UGG boots and if I’m not working, even if I’m going shopping with my friends, I don’t give a sh*t. I want to be comfortable. I have to wear makeup all the time. I have to get dressed up all the time and you kind of lose the fun in it. For me, getting to just go out in my UGG boots and sweat pants which is not flattering, I call it the Britney, I love it. It’s my favorite.

Q: What do you like most about the new transformed Kelly Osbourne?

KO: I’m not nearly as scared as I was of life. Coming to terms that you’re not perfect and it’s okay is something that is also just comforting. I can’t change who I am. I can’t change where my family are from, what family I come from. There are things about myself I can’t change. People are always like, “No matter how much weight you lose, you’re always going to have a fat face and a big jaw.” And you’re like well, I can’t actually change that so thanks. The stuff that you can’t change about yourself, be okay with it because you have that for a reason. You don’t need to be perfect. There’s such a strive for that in Hollywood that I’ll never understand. I would never, ever want to be the prettiest girl in the room. I don’t want that because it’s so much pressure and people never, ever stop to think is there more than that? You’re just a pretty girl, that is it. I would never want to be that.

Q: Does loving yourself make you nicer to others?

KO: I was never mean to others. I was mean to myself if that makes sense to you. I’ve never really been a mean person. I’ve been an angry person but not mean. I think when you start to live life on life’s terms and appreciate who you really are inside, as cheesy and sad that sounds, things just naturally start to fall in place because they’re happening because they’re meant to be, not because you f***ed up and you’ve got to apologize. It happens because it’s meant to be.

Q: Do you have any plans for Mother’s Day?

KO: I was actually just talking about that yesterday. I want to plan something with my mom but finding the time where she’s not running halfway across the world or on tour with my dad or doing America’s Got Talent or The Talk has been a little bit hard recently. So I find that nights are always our best time. I definitely want to take my mom for a day spa at least and just spend one on one time with my mom.

Q: How hard was it to open up with your mom on The Talk?

KO: It’s really hard for me because when my mom was sick, I blocked all of that up. So only now when everything is okay again I start to talk about it and now I start to cry about it and now I start to realize f***, I almost lost my mom. It’s crazy how your coping skills just kick in when you don’t realize.

Q: What do you think of Dancing with the Stars this season? Julianne has been hard on Louis.

KO: But I went through this with Lou at one point, where I was just like, “Get him away from me!” but you go through that. You’re spending so much time with each other. You are working until you’re absolutely at the brink of exhaustion, if not past it. Our season they learned a lot of lessons. That’s why it bums me out when people complain because we had the hardest season ever. At one point we were doing five routines a week and no one’s ever done that before or since because it is that exhausting.

Q: Do you relate to her? Because some people think she’s a complainer.

KO: You can’t help but complain when you’re doing it. That’s what’s so fun about it in the sense that you fight for it and you keep going even though you don’t want to. Once you learn it and you get it, it’s the best feeling ever.

Q: Are you still dancing?

KO: Not so much, no. I do go to the gym a lot though.

Q: You run now, don’t you?

KO: I do. I was never a runner but now I have started it. The way that I’ve made myself start running is that I do 30 seconds running, two minutes not running, 30 seconds running, two minutes not running. So I build it up and then I’ll do two minutes running, two minutes off. Now I do two minutes, one minute off, until I get 45 minute of running. By the end of it, I’m like, “Whyyyy?”

Q: Do you make your own food now?

KO: I do, I’ve started making my own food a lot more recently because I find that I eat less crap and then I’m so proud of myself that I actually made it and it’s all right, I’m like, “Oh my God, this is amazing.”

Q: Louis got you dieting too though.

KO: You have to because I kept thinking, “Oh, I’ll lose so much weight if I don’t eat and I do this.” Then I kept throwing up. Louis’s like, “You’ve got to eat.” I ate more doing that show than I ever have in my life.

Q: What does it mean to you to have a career of your own now?

KO: I receded in the public eye in America. I left America because I had to and started working in England. It’s important to me not just to be another celebrity’s kid. It’s fine if you want to be one but my parents don’t pay my bills and I would not be happy with that. My parents worked so hard. They shouldn’t be still working at their age as hard as they do to pay for me. It was more about being able to look after myself and live the life that I’ve become accustomed to so that means yeah, sometimes I do jobs that I don’t want to do that people say is selling out and is cheesy. Well, f*** you, are you going to pay my bills? It’s just life.

Q: What advice would you give someone who wants to change their style?

KO: Be who you are. If you’re a risky person, wear risky clothes but don’t do it because you think it’s going to get you attention. Wear it because you like it.

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