Paris and Kathy Hilton Interview: Talking about Cy, Kim, Brooke and their new show You think you know Paris Hilton from seeing her over the years on TV, in pictures or in the news. The Oxygen Channel has decided to really let you see Paris Hilton. ‘The World According to Paris’ follows Hilton in her daily life. Hilton and her mom Kathy spoke with the press this weekend about all they’ll see when the show premieres June 1. They talked about everything, and everyone, from Cy Waits to Brooke Meuller and Kim Stewart.

Q: What did you learn about Paris that you didn’t know before doing this show?

KH: Well, what I learned is that she’s my daughter. So we have dinner together. I’ve never worked with her liked this. She’s a very, very serious business woman and she’s becoming a director as well as a producer.

Q: Is there a little bit of friendly competition with the Kardashians and their shows?

KH: We’ve known them for a long time. We adore them and I think that we’re a complete different show and I think there’s room for everybody.

PH: I agree. I wish them the best. I think they’ve got a great show. I wish everyone success. I think it’s great for everyone. We’ve been family friends since we were little girls. So I love them and wish them the best.

Q: Do you guys talk about the editing and what exactly you’ll put in the show?

KH: Well, that’s where she’s tough. I’ll say, “I don’t like that I did that,” and she’ll say, “Mom, I asked you to be involved with this. You signed up for it,” and she’s a tough boss.

Q: Do you find yourself second guessing yourself, whether should say what you really feel because the cameras are rolling?

PH: No, because I’ve been doing this so long that I don’t even notice the cameras are there anymore. I’m so used to this. You have to forget because if you’re thinking about the cameras it’s not going to be real and you’re going to feel weird. So I just don’t think about it. I just live my life.

Q: What does Cy think about you starting the show and is he comfortable with the attention?

PH: He is very shy. He doesn’t like attention. He doesn’t paparazzi or anything like that. So it was hard for him. My mom had to actually talk him into it because I was begging him to do it and he was like, “I’m not going to be on TV. I’m shy. I don’t like cameras.” And my mom talked to him.

KH: We talked to him and just explained. He listens to me. He loves me, thank goodness and he has a lot of respect for what I said. I think that if we’re going to do this show there’s no point in holding back anything.

Q: What are you ladies wearing today?

KH: This is Chloe.

PH: Vintage.

Q: Your friend Brooke Meuller is going to be in the show. Did you guys have to decide what to air on the show when her life starting getting weird?

PH: Everything is in the show.

Q: What’s current status of your relationship with Brooke?

PH: My mom and her are very close and she’s one of my good friends as well.

Q: What about the reports that say you guys are not friends at all off screen?

PH: I haven’t heard that.

KH: We haven’t heard that.

PH: We’ve been friends for years because she’s my neighbor. She was my neighbor.

Q: What was the most important thing that you learned from your mom as a little girl and what are you learning from her now?

PH: When The Simple Life was about to come out my mom told me, “Tomorrow, when this airs on FOX, your life is going to change forever. I really want you to always remain the same sweet Paris because you’re such a sweet girl and I don’t want fame to get to your head.” That’s something that I’ve always listened to.

KH: Keep your feet on the ground because the carpet can be pulled right out from under your feet, and that is one of the things that I admire that I have instilled in my two daughters. They love their fans. They respect all of you because without you and without the paparazzi and without the bloggers and the writers nobody would be where they are today. It really maddens me when I see, especially the younger set, the younger Hollywood being just so rude. When fans come up she’ll stay there to the end with a thousand people in a mall and wait until that last little girl or woman or man comes up. She has the heart and waits there and goes beyond the call. That’s when I know I’ve done a good job.

Q: Have you ever thought about not living your life on TV?

PH: Who knows? One day. For right now I’m having a great time. I have an amazing show that’s about to come out.

Q: If you weren’t in the spotlight what would you be doing?

PH: I would probably be a school teacher, Kindergarten.

KH: A veterinarian.

PH: Or a veterinarian.

Q: Do you have any wishes for Kim Stewart who’s expecting a baby?

PH: I just heard that. I think that’s amazing. I’m so happy for her.

Q: You didn’t know?

PH: I just read about it a couple of days ago. I’m really happy for her.

Q: How are Kim and Kyle doing and was it hard to watch the finale as a family of what was going on with the sisters?

KH: Absolutely. I mean, for me to say that it wasn’t would be lying to you. But I’m really proud. They’re getting through everything. Yes, Paris and I watched it and we both walked out, kind of crying and then we regrouped and go back.

Q: Is the relationship mended or still in the process of being worked out?

KH: I think you’re going to have to wait and watch the show.

Q: Have you guys tried to help in the healing process?

KH: Oh, absolutely we have.

PH: We’re such a close family.

Q: Paris, out of all your perfumes which one do you wear the most?

PH: I wear my newest fragrance from the Passport Collection Tokyo.

Q: If you could change anything about your show business journey, would you or what would you do differently?

PH: I think that everyone goes through things. That’s part of life, but I have to live in front of the camera and I have TMZ following everyday. So that makes it harder. But I feel like it’s made me who I am today. I’m such a strong person and I’ve been through hell and back, but it’s made me who I am today and has made me appreciate life so much more. It’s been really hard, but that’s what life is about. Now it’s better than ever.

Q: What advice would you give someone who’s going through a hard time in Hollywood who’s younger and hasn’t been through what you’ve been through?

PH: I’m so lucky that I have such an incredible family and that my mom and dad are so supportive and always there for me. I think a lot of these other girls don’t really have family like that. So I would say to go to their family, but I’m not sure with some people. I think it’s all about really appreciating everything that’s come your way and not taking it for granted and thinking about what you do because it does affect others and it’s going to be everywhere in the media. It’s hard because with the media, they sometimes spin it around and make it more than it is.

KH: Stretch the truth a little bit.

Q: When are you going to release another album?

PH: Soon. I’ve been working it out in the studio.

Q: Any new collaborations perhaps?

PH: There are some surprises.

Q: Your sister hasn’t been on camera as much as either of you, really. Do we see much of her on the show?

PH: Nikki is in the show, but she’s more a behind the scenes person. She’s a designer.

Q: Is she camera shy?

PH: She’s camera shy, definitely.

Q: Do we see a lot of your dad?

KH: You have to wait and see.

PH: The whole family is on the show.

Q: You work a lot. With the social people you have on your show, do you set up dates or do they just come by or how does that work?

KH: Well, we have family. At our house, it’s like everybody is there. At breakfast you stop by or at dinner or there are barbecues and everybody just comes in with their sweats, throws their shoes off. We go and watch TV. We’ll have a dinner and then we go chat. So she’s a part of that and the twins are and it’s wonderful.

Q: Most of your success has come from being yourself rather than playing different parts. Do you want to more acting or is it really all about playing yourself?

PH: I see myself as a brand and as a business woman. Yeah, I’m selling myself basically for my products and everything that I do. I like to act and things like that, but that’s just for fun. I’m not taking it seriously. I just do things because I like to have adventures. I like to have fun and I like to entertain people. 

KH: What are we doing for Mother’s Day?

PH: I’m going to plan something.

Q: What was the nicest thing you did for your mom on a Mother’s Day?

PH: I did so many nice things that I can’t remember.

KH: Malibu. She and Nikki. I have them hanging in my closet. Well, it’s one T-shirt and it’s all hand done, blue rhinestones with little flowers on it that says, “Happy Mother’s Day. Paris and Nikki. We love you.” They made me pancakes and dropped syrup coming up the steps and made me a very nice breakfast in bed.

Q: Rhinestones?

KH: For sure.

Q: What’s the most important thing that you’ve learned from Paris since parents also learn from kids?

KH: Absolutely. I’ve learned that all of us in life go through the bumps in the road as I’ve mentioned before and that you are persistent and you keep on keep on keeping on and you learn from those mistakes. I appreciate that and I like that she would pick herself up by the bootstraps and say, “I want to make this better,” or “I want to move forward.” I love that. I think that’s what I most admire.

Q: Are you proud of your daughter?

KH: I absolutely am. I am so proud. And as I said, it’s because she’s nice, too. It’s nice to have the success, and as you pointed out, there are the people that can be unkind, too. I just think that this is a great opportunity for people to really get to know Paris and her world. Then, like it or not, you can make a judgment, but just on watching somebody playing a character or hearsay from somebody, people love to kick you when you’re down and I think that you have picked yourself up and I’m so proud of you. I think the show has all the elements that will really entertain people.

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    This interview was great! I am so excite to watch The World According to Paris and see all the cool things that Paris does.

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    Paris has such a sweet mother. Her parents are cute.

    Can’t wait for their show!

    Hope we get to see all the little animals too.

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    The whole thing sounds very cool! Very much looking forward to it!

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    Perhaps they mean that Paris Hilton’s new reality television show will air on the Butter Channel. Paris Hilton’s legs can be compared to pure butter, because they spread so easily. Mainstream audiences know what Paris Hilton is all about. Spin is not going to clean up her image. Miss Hilton’s mediocre legacy has already been cast in stone. As for Brooke Mueller; spare us the pork.

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