“Thor” wins Weekend Box Office with $66 million

HollywoodNews.com: It’s a $66 million weekend for Thor (review), giving the Marvel adventure pic a solid 2.6x weekend multiplier. It’s kinda scary how accurately we can now predict opening weekend grosses just based on the midnight number, but the math once again worked (Thor did 5% of its weekend gross via Thursday midnight sneaks, per usual).

Anyway, Marvel was successful at keeping expectations low, saying that anything over $60 million would be a win. And it more-or-less is. The film played heavily 3D, which meant higher ticket prices and the like. I heard plenty of anecdotal stories about moviegoers unable to find a convenient 2D location, which may be part of a depressing trend as the ‘summer of 3D’ unfolds. But the film had a solid weekend multiplier (if you discount the $3.25 million worth of midnight sneaks, the film’s Friday and Saturday figures were pretty even) and decent word of mouth. It earned a B+ from Cinemascore, with an A from those under 18.

In holdover news, the big tragedy was the huge 62% plunge for Fast Five (review). Yes, the Fast/Furious series is known for their big second-weekend drops and they lost their IMAX screens this weekend, but Fast Five is a far superior picture to the previous four, yet it suffered the same quick-kill fate. Point being, if actually making a better film in a long-running franchise (one that is accessible to newbies no less) isn’t enough to get box office legs, what exactly is the incentive to make a good film?

Anyway, the picture pulled in $32.5 million on its second weekend and still has $139 million in ten days, or just $6 million less than the original’s domestic total. It should surpass Fast & Furious’s $155 million total next weekend and will likely end at $180 million. It has already grossed $324 million worldwide, so my concern is more about principle than actual financials.

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  • May 8, 2011 | Permalink |

    It is unfortunate that Last Night, Passion Play and Daydream Nation were only released in select cities and that we won’t find out how they would have done commercially if released nationwide. They all have interesting casts. It would have been interesting to see how smaller films for the leads would do commercially.

    Chris Hemsworth used to be perfectly healthy and physically fit a few years ago and it is absolutely shocking to see what he has had to do to his body for this movie with those disgustingly huge muscles that he has now built. It is worse though, because he has to maintain it for future Thor and Avengers movies.

    The ultra-gorgeous Kat Dennings should not appear in movies unless she is the female lead or the main love interest. She shouldn’t have been in this movie at all.

    I hope in this film series, they will include:
    Balder, Beta Ray Bill, Frey, Hermod, Hercules, Hoder, Hrimhari, Idunn, Kelda, Thor Girl, Thunderstrike, Tyr, Valkyrie, Vidar, Volla, Zeus.

    I look forward to seeing the following villains in future sequels:
    Absorbing Man, Atum, Bloodaxe, Cobra, Desak, Ego the Living Planet, Enchantress, Executioner, Fafnir, Fenris Wolf, Grey Gargoyle, Hela, Karnilla, Kurse, Lorelei, Malekith the Accursed, Man-Beast, Mangog, Midgard Serpent, Mr. Hyde, Mongoose, Perrikus, Quicksand, Radioactive Man, Ragnarok, Seth, Surtur, Ulik, Wrecking Crew (Wrecker, Bulldozer, Piledriver, Thunderball), Ymir, Zarrko.

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