Marc Cherry Reveals Secrets Of The Final Season Of “Desperate Housewives” On Friday, ABC broke the news that the upcoming eighth season of Desperate Housewives would be it’s last. Today, series creator Marc Cherry met with the Television Critics Association to explain his decision to end the popular show.

“I think the only thing harder than creating a hit show is knowing when to end it,” Cherry said. “It’s weighed on my mind for quite a while now, but because I’ve been working on television for 23 years, I’ve also been very aware of shows overstaying their welcome. They drift on too long, people forget them and they’re booted off unceremoniously. I wanted to go out while the network still saw us as a viable show, while we were still doing well in the ratings. I wanted to go out in the classiest way possible.”

Desperate fans have already gotten more Housewives than Cherry originally intended. He saw the show as a seven season run, though after five years he started thinking further. “There was possibly eight seasons, possibly nine. I was ambivalent. I had reasons for wanting either. We finally felt from a creative standpoint, and we made this decision together, we decided this was the right time. I feel so good about it. I’m glad my whole cast can have a whole year to reflect on how lucky we have all been, what an amazing ride it has been. It was seven years ago that I was on this stage and did the very first critics’ tour. That was a rockin’ press conference, I had a good time. I have nothing but gratitude and I’m so thrilled we’re going to end this in the classiest way possible.”

The storyline of the eight season makes it a logical place to wrap up the series. “First of all, if we were going to go nine, I have no idea what that was going to be. It’s not like I had something planned I’m having to shove in. As you will see, we have the mystery of what’s going on this season harkens back to the first season. I’m very excited we’re going back to the roots of Mary Alice. That factored in to this feels right to this mystery will take us out this year. Don’t worry, there’s no shoving of two seasons together. It’s all one nice final thing.”

The end of Desperate Housewives really will be the end of Wisteria Lane. Cherry has ruled out spinning off any of the characters into another series. “In my phone conversation with Eva, because I got very emotional with Eva, I said, ‘I’m just going to put you in a van and have you solve mysteries.’ She’s such a joy and we both laughed and got a little teary on the phone together. I thought about that a little bit, because that’s one of the expected things you do, but for me artistically as a writer, I have a lot of success doing this weird hybrid soap opera comedy mystery thing. It made me a better writer. As a writer, I don’t want to repeat stuff I’ve done. Hopefully that’s what I’m going to be doing for the rest of my writing career while I have the faculties to do it. I don’t want to be one of those guys who just repeats himself constantly. That’s why I’m not going to be doing a spinoff.”

Some of the previous cast members may return though, even Edie Britt (Nicolette Sheridan.) “I don’t know how I would do that but I have an idea for the last episode which I want to pay homage to everyone who’s been there before, who’s been on the show. So we’ll see what happens with that.”

So far Cherry has spoken to half of the cast personally, with calls out to the other half. Everyone has been emotional. “It was bittersweet and lovely. The women knew it was a possibility so there was a touch of shock but not completely. With everyone I spoke to, it was just like wow, look what we’ve done together. People said some very lovely things to me about how I changed their lives and careers and I said it right back to them. I truly, truly love each of the people I was talking to Friday. Doug Savant said, ‘Marc, what can I do for everything you’ve done for me?’ I said, ‘Just keep in touch for the next few decades.’ There’s many people who just fill me up with so much emotion inside. I love my cast.”

Desperate Housewives returns to ABC one last time this fall.

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