“Glee” Stars On Their 3D Movie And Season Three!

HollywoodNews.com: Can’t wait until the new season of Glee starts? You can see the Gleeks at the movies this summer in Glee: The 3D Concert Movie. 3D cameras filmed a performance of the cast’s world tour, and this weekend the movie version opens in theaters. The entire cast of Glee shared their thoughts on the concert performance and the upcoming third season of the show.

There may be more music on the Glee 3D dvd!

Lea Michele: “There was a lot of different versions of the concert. Sometimes we do songs and some nights we maybe weren’t feeling particularly well so we’d take one song and put another song in. It’s constantly changing.”

Mark Salling: “As long as my version of ‘I’m a Little Teapot’ got in there.”

The actors had to stay in character on stage:

Lea Michele: “We got to shoot these really fun little backstage things with Ryan Murphy where he was interviewing us in character. I guess some of us on stage, if they wanted to really embody their characters, they did. I feel like I did a nice blend of Rachel and of Lea while I was on stage performing, but we are in our characters. At the same time, when we walk on stage, we’re ourselves.”

Darren Criss: “It was hard. I definitely blew it a couple times, up in San Francisco making shout outs to my parents. Blaine’s probably never even been to San Francisco. When we were in Ohio we should’ve been really excited but I couldn’t tell you what city Dalton is in.”

Chris Colfer: “I had to be in character. You have to just leave yourself at the door sometimes because there was no way I could do ‘Single Ladies’ every night. Leave yourself behind. Kurt takes over.”

On stage, all your favorite Glee songs are bigger!

Kevin McHale: “It was more so that we had so much space to work with, because normally we don’t get that much space and you have to more let loose. It wasn’t a concern for us to cover it because there’s a lot of us so it was easy to cover the whole thing. It was nice to be able to actually do dance and have a lot of room to do the moves.”

Dianna Agron: “Although every now and then there would be an explosion. A rogue explosion and you’d be like, ‘Oh, that was really close!’ Lea saved me once. There was a slightly smaller stage and the fireworks I guess we could maybe call them, the drizzling rain fire came down a little closer, almost on top of us. Lea’s like, ‘Get over here, you’re about to die!’ Not really, but you know. It was kind of serious.

Cory Monteith: “The possibility of being set on fire when you’re on stage just makes the performance that much more alive.”

Heather Morris: “We did it last year. We did the tour last year, so I think a lot of people that weren’t prepared then, they got to have a feel for it, if they hadn’t done a live stage show like that with an audience, they got really mentally prepared for it this time and this time it was really easy.”

Highlights of the Glee concert:

Harry Shum Jr.: “I have one. During New York, all the boys go down and everyone waves. Literally seeing this with the thousands of people is one of the coolest things ever.

Dianna Agron: :Dublin, the last show. A kid’s house. Every moment you could find to do something a little bit different, a little crazy, involving huge beach balls, at one point water guns, shirtless boys, Warbler ties, things being thrown out of the audience.”

Heather Morris: “Wearing a green suit all the way over the stage in my ‘Slave’ shorts.”

Season three is not as controversial as it sounds:

Lea Michele: “I know that they’re really doing a back-to-basics season, really focusing on it being very similar to a Glee season 1. That’s so exciting. The first script was amazing. I absolutely love it, a lot of songs that have not been on the charts for a while, but were hits in the past, and I love doing stuff like that, I think that that’s so cool. It’s some of our senior year, so we want to make it great, and see what it’s like to be a senior in high school.”

Naya Rivera: “Nothing’s even been established or confirmed, so we’re just focused on this season and I think that’s our attitude right now. We’re really excited to get back to work. It’s like going back to school. We’re really excited about this season. As far as what I would like to see in my character, I don’t know. I’d like to see her be pretty mean, like real mean and maybe get a girlfriend.”

Heather Morris: “I’d like to see her have a girlfriend for sure. Like a hot girl.”

Jenna Ushkowitz: “You kind of stay away from [the rumors.] You wait for your creators to tell you directly what’s happening, and we kind of ignore [the gossip] because that’s not what this show’s about. It’s about the work, and as actors, that’s what we look forward to, is what’s going to happen. Nothing is set in stone until you open that script, and even after that things get cut.”

Amber Riley: “I think that the great thing is that this movie is going to put a lot of things in perspective for people, and they’ll get back to what the show is really about. It’s not about gossip, it’s not about drama, it’s about these kids that are connected to each and every one of these characters, and our characters literally have grown up with them, and we are helping them through adolescence, helping them through high school, helping them through junior high, so I’m hoping that that’s what this movie is going to do.”

For mature viewers, Glee goes there. For younger kids, they don’t get it.

Cory Monteith: “I think that the show explores a lot of mature content. I think it pushes a lot of boundaries. Maybe it’s crossed the line a few times, but what’s really important about the show is that it brings these topics of conversation up for discussion and into peoples’ awareness and challenges ideas, maybe conservative ideas about how people live. So I think it’s a responsibility in a way.”

Dianna Agron: “But also too I think that I didn’t know that Rizzo was pregnant [in Grease.] I didn’t understand any of that. So think that hopefully some of our younger audience members, I think a lots going over their heads. I know it would have gone over my head, for sure.”

Glee: The 3D Concert Movie opens Friday. Glee returns to Fox this fall.

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