“The Human Centipede II” Review

HollywoodNews.com: I get the joke. Really, I do. I get that Tom Six has made an ‘up yours’ movie that is basically an attack against everyone who had anything to say about the first Human Centipede (review). It sticks its tongue out at those who thought the film was grotesque and morally offensive. It reams those who were upset at how much of the violence was suggested or off screen. It mocks those who called it a grand piece of art, finding hidden meanings and symbolic complexities that arguably were never there in the first place. It is a meta-film, an overt post-modernist commentary on the series, the nature of sequels, and the horror genre itself, as well as those who make and watch them. That’s nice, but The Human Centipede II is a genuinely boring and ultimately obnoxious motion picture. Despite some genuine attempts of some kind of social commentary unto itself, the film remains only worth seeing purely for the sake of saying that you’ve seen it.

A token amount of plot: In our world, where The Human Centipede was indeed a fictional film, one obsessed fan of the first picture (Laurence R. Harvey) decides to recreate the original experiment. One-by-one, he kidnaps his victims and eventually does his dirty work to create a twelve-person centipede. And that’s about it, folks. The Human Centipede II is barely a film. It is technically a 85-minute motion picture that promises to offend and shock on an here-fore-unheard of level, a promise that guarantees disappointment by virtue of its very offering.

Yes, there are several moments of grizzly onscreen violence, and since they represent arguably the film’s lone ‘entertainment value’ I won’t spoil them here. But the movie itself is a overly presumptuous bore, working in ironically an opposite fashion from the first film. The first picture had an unnerving and tension-filled initial half which led up to the primary ‘operation’. But after the deed had been done, the remaining forty-five minutes was merely endless nearly-silent scenes of the main victims existing in unbearable agony. To the extent that it worked at all, it was chiefly effective for its mere suggestion of horrifying cruelty and Dieter Laser’s classically villainous lead performance. The sequel works in reverse, with a boring first half followed by a grotesque second half.

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