“Footloose” director Craig Brewer talks Twitter, Broadway revivals and the one movie he probably wouldn’t want to see remade

By Sean O’Connell
Hollywoodnews.com: If you’ve been on Twitter at any point over the last month, there’s a very good chance you saw “Footloose” director Craig Brewer, aka @MyBrewTube, actively defending his remake to anyone who’d comment.

Brewer took on all comers, retweeting positive and negative remarks regarding the need for a “Footloose” remake and convincing Twitters participants, one post at a time, to go see his movie.

“It’s basically for me. It’s not for the movie,” Brewer told me during a recent sit down in Los Angeles. “I knew I was going to get a considerable amount of backlash because of this movie and because I wanted to do it. So I wanted to decriminalize the whole process. Even if somebody says something horrible about the movie without having seen it, I’ve decided to engage them but stay positive.

“And what I’ve found is that nine-times-out-of 10, people kind of crumble like a cookie,” Brewer continued with a laugh. “They start off really bitter and mean, and then I go, ‘So, you’re not going to come see it? I really made a good effort here. I’d really like you to come see it.’ And they’ll reply, ‘Of course I’m going to come see it now!’”

Brewer says he completely understands the frustration felt by audience members who don’t want to see their beloved films remade.

“You know, I’ve been thinking about it a lot more,” he admits. “Let’s just say that somebody came up to me and said, ‘They’re re-doing Star Wars. They’re going to re-do A New Hope.” Immediately, I’m going to get mad … first of all because I think George Lucas has been trying to remake it over and over. [Laughs] But let’s just say I get mad. Would I not go see it? What if it was exactly the same script? What if some amazing director took hints of the costume and production design and re-interpreted it into something that was slightly different. I don’t know if I would not go see it.

“So I’m not saying that every movie should or shouldn’t be remade,” he continued. “But I do think that movies may be becoming more like theater, where you see a revival of something. No one’s getting angry that they’re re-doing ‘Chicago’ or ‘Death of a Salesman.’ But movies can maybe fit into that place for new generations. I think this generation needs a ‘Footloose.’ They don’t have one, and they need it.”

He also refers to his “Footloose” as “a party” and “a celebration,” and he hopes that fans of the original embrace this film as the tribute that it really is.

“Footloose” is sexy, cool and tons of fun. Trust me. It opens everywhere on Friday, Oct. 14.

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