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An adaptation of the adventure video game Uncharted has been in the works for a while now. For the longest time, it seemed like David O. Russell was going to be the man to bring Nathan Drake’s story to the screen, but that was before Silver Linings Playbook and American Hustle made him an Oscar darling. Russell’s involvement then gave way to Neil Burger being tapped to direct, but apparently his stay with the presumed franchise was brief. Now, it’s Seth Gordon’s turn.

Yes, the director of The King of Kong and Horrible Bosses will be directing this video game adaptation now. There’s a script from David Guggenheim, so Gordon will be upping his game and directing an action movie after mostly staying in the comedy realm to date. It’ll be a challenge for him, but this game has its light hearted moments (think an Indiana Jones knock-off of sorts and you’ll be in the ballpark of what the Uncharted games are like), so he won’t be a million miles away from what he’s used to.

It’ll be a while before we get any casting announcements most likely, but a strong choice for the lead role will go a long way towards getting folks excited for this one. Fans of the game had a mixed reaction to Russell’s initial plan to introduce original characters (such as the protagonist’s father), so it’s likely that Gordon and Guggenheim will be keeping this one closer to the stories of the games. That could go either way, but the ingredients are there for a successful summer blockbuster.

I’ve actually played a few of the games in this series, and they have a bit of a cinematic quality to them, so there’s potential here. A movie version is obviously less interactive, but the idea of big set pieces and a wise cracking hero certainly translates. There’s no reason to expect an Oscar player out of this one, but it’s a potentially very entertaining flick in the making.

This one still has a long way to go before it even begins filming, and if its history is any indication, don’t become married to the idea of Gordon directing the film. Still, he’s here for now. This is a production to definitely keep an eye on…

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