Thinking Out Loud: My March Movie Madness

noah russell crowe 600x301For this week’s Thinking Out Loud missive, I wanted to start by talking a bit about the best March releases that I can, well…think off. I initially thought about this after seeing Noah earlier this week, since it’s much better than the March release date suggests. Though not a perfect movie by any stretch, it’s a quality film brimming with ambition, far more in place for a summer or even winter release as opposed to what this time period that used to be almost a dumping ground. As such, I looked back at some of the more notable flicks to have come out during the month, and lo and behold, we’ve even had a few Oscar winners hit during the month of March. It’s certainly the best of the early season months, that’s for sure…

I’m not going to talk about any of the titles specifically, but here’s 20 March releases that are definitely better than the early release date would suggest, and they’re hardly the only ones. Take a look at this list:

Certified Copy
Erin Brokovich
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
The Grand Budapest Hotel
High Fidelity
How to Train Your Dragon
The Hunger Games
Inside Man
Jersey Girl
My Cousin Vinny
Panic Room
The Place Beyond the Pines
Primary Colors
The Purple Rose of Cairo
Red State
Spring Breakers
V for Vendetta

Madness, right? Maybe one of these days we’ll even get a Best Picture winner out of March. Release date strategies make this somewhat unlikely, but anything is possible…

– Another thing that’s been on my mind is how the theatrical experience has changed for me. It’s literally been months since I’ve seen a movie that’s not a festival or press screening, so while I’m thrilled not to have to pay to see 99.9% of the 300+ films I see in a year, there’s something to be said for the experience of just going to see a flick, sitting through the trailers, and all that jazz. I’m not suddenly going to pass up early screenings just for the smell of popcorn, but sometimes I miss it, you know?

– Finally, I’m trying to find another weekly article series to add to the growing collection I have at the site. So far, I don’t have anything particularly in mind, but I might use this space going to forward to test some odder ones out. I’m not sure, but I figured I’d throw this out there right here so I’ve put it in the universe and at least have to consider it…

Until next week folks, when I’ll again do some Thinking Out Loud!

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