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For this week’s spotlight piece, I wanted to take a look at an A-list actor who also happens to be a superhero as well, and that would be Hugh Jackman. Not only is he one of the bigger action stars on the planet right now due to his many turns as Wolverine in various X-Men movies, he’s also a talented song and dance man as well as an underrated dramatic actor. He’s even hosted the Oscars, which is nothing to sneeze at. There’s very little that Jackman can’t do, which makes him very deserving of a spotlight today right here on the site.

For me, his best films often are his more dramatic ones. From The Fountain (one of my all time five favorite films) to Les Miserables (even if that movie isn’t particularly good, at least in my eyes) to The Prestige, and last year’s Prisoners, Jackman has the chops to do drama. Especially in The Fountain and Prisoners, he turned in work that was worthy of awards acclaim. With Les Miserables, he overcame some problematic direction to deliver strong work with a powerful singing voice. That’s a combination that you don’t really see every day in this business.

On the flip side though, Jackman has a great skill when it comes to kicking ass. His Wolverine is a fairly iconic character at this point. He broke through in Hollywood with X-Men playing the character, and this week’s sequel X-Men: Days of Future Past will mark his seventh turn as the hero/anti-hero. That’s another rare situation…how many actors can play the same sort of superhero that many times and still be sharp in the role. Honestly, he’s only getting better in the part. It hasn’t always been the most challenging for him, but he always gives it his all.

Overall, Jackman has always struck me as a bit of an underrated actor when all is said and done, with more talent than he’s given credit credit for because of his action hero status. With this week’s X-Men: Days of Future Past showing him in that same light, that might continue. Still, something recent like Prisoners should be a reminder that he’s got a lot more to offer. He’s gotten some Oscar attention before (in addition to being a host, of course), but I think he’s going to win a statue before too long. He’s got the talent, so it’s just a matter of hitting on the right role at the right time. Mark my words, it’ll happen…

Stay tuned for a new spotlight next week!

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