Which films could be in for big Oscar snubs?

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Every single year, multiple Oscar snubs appear on the big morning. That’s just a fact of the matter. Historically, no matter what year we look at, there’s at least one or two fairly shocking omissions when looking at the Academy Award nominations. A perfect world would prevent this, but as you all know, our world is far from perfect, to say the least. As such, pretty much each and every Oscar category contains at least one glaring miss, though by the time nomination morning rolls around many of them are easy to predict. Still, that doesn’t make them right. In an effort to try and prepare for the eventuality of the snubs, I’ve got five films listed below that could be in for some sort of a shock that morning, and not in a good way either. That doesn’t mean that they necessarily will happen, only that they could happen…

Here now are five films that could be in for a shocking snub come nomination morning:

Gone Girl – Right now, I seem to be one of the few who still have David Fincher’s film pegged as not just still a Best Picture nominee, but one of the top five or six as well. Now, I think my logic is sound, considering Fincher is still very much in play for Best Director and Gillian Flynn’s script is perhaps the frontrunner in Best Adapted Screenplay, but a number of precursor misses have hurt this contender for sure. It’s made a lot of money to miss, but a miss is very much a possibility in Best Picture. Gone Girl could still wind up with over a half dozen nominations, but it also could wind up with just one or two as well. Stay tuned…

The Imitation Game – At one point, a bunch of my colleagues were predicting this to win Best Picture. I never went that far, but I was up their in considering it a top tier nominee. Now, I’m starting to at least ponder if it could be in line for one big miss somewhere. My best guess is that it’ll miss for Morten Tyldum in Best Director. There’s a teensy tiny chance that Benedict Cumberbatch is one of the decade’s most shocking omissions in Best Actor, but I wouldn’t bet on that one, even if I’m tempted to try predicting it. We shall see with The Imitation Game.

Interstellar – Despite my belief that this is the best film of 2014, Christopher Nolan’s latest is struggling in all of the non technical categories. In fact, there’s a decent chance that Interstellar misses out on a Best Picture citation come the morning of the Oscar nominations. That includes likely a snub for Nolan in Best Director as well as potential one in Best Original Screenplay for him and his brother Jonathan Nolan. I think almost all of the predicted tech nominations are possible, but if it keeps bleeding, anything could happen. The guilds could definitely come to the rescue though, but if they don’t…it might not be pretty.

Selma – Being one of the last contenders can be both a blessing and a cure. On the one hand, you can be what is stuck in a voters head when they open their ballots, but on the other, you can just be a bit too late. There’s a possibility of the latter taking Ava DuVernay’s terrific film and costing it a major nomination. If that happens, and I’m not saying that it will, it would probably be at the expense of David Oyelowo in Best Actor. There’s also Best Original Screenplay, but that wouldn’t be nearly as big of a snub. That potentially terrible Actor miss is where to keep an eye on with Selma.

The Theory of Everything – The other contender that could miss somewhere huge is this one. Again, it would likely be in Best Actor, this time snubbing my favorite male lead performance of the year in Eddie Redmayne. It’d be a huge shame, but that race is going to leave some deserving out in the cold. It could very well be Redmayne. There’s also a tiny possibility of a shocking Best Picture snub, but if The Theory of Everything misses somewhere notable, but it’ll be in Actor.

Stay tuned to see which contenders avoid the snubs on Oscar nomination morning!

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