Who’s still overdue for their first Academy Award nominations/wins?

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Last year, I wrote a pair of pieces looking at the folks in Hollywood who were due for their first Oscar nominations or the their first wins. At the most recent Academy Award ceremony, two of those names got moved off of the list, so I wanted to take a look back and see who’s still on those lists and what they might have coming for us this year. I’ll update the lists with some new people next month, but for now…let’s go look at if the Oscars gave us some long overdue citations. If you were paying attention, you definitely noticed two of them.

As a quick refresher for you all, here are the ten names that I had down as overdue for their first nods from the Academy:

10. Channing Tatum
9. Joseph Gordon-Levitt
8. Kevin Smith
7. Jennifer Jason Leigh
6. Jeff Daniels
5. Hoyte Van Hoytema
4. Steve Carell
3. Scarlett Johansson
2. John Cusack
1. Robin Wright

I’ll address those momentarily (including the one who did score a nom), but here also are the ten names that I put down as being overdue for their first Oscar wins:

10. David O. Russell
9. Julianne Moore
8. Christopher Nolan
7. Tom Cruise
6. Paul Thomas Anderson
5. Amy Adams
4. Greg P. Russell
3. David Fincher
2. Roger Deakins
1. Leonardo DiCaprio

Now, let’s get into the nitty gritty of it all. Obviously, the two names that come off of these lists are Steve Carell (unless you want to say he’s due to win now) and Julianne Moore. Again, I’ll add to/amend the list next month (perhaps highlighting names like Oscar Isaac among first timers and Jake Gyllenhaal among the due for a win peeps), but for now, we can look at which of the men and women on each list could find their way off of it within the next 12 months. Honestly, aside from a handful who don’t have 2015 releases currently scheduled, it could wind up being nearly all of them. It won’t…but it could be.

The non-nominated so far to focus in on are Jeff Daniels, Jennifer Jason-Leigh, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and Hoyte van Hoytema. Of the group, Gordon-Levitt seems the most likely to score a nod, as he’s got baity lead roles in Snowden and The Walk, both of which could be big Oscar players. As for Daniels, he’s got a supporting role in Steve Jobs, while van Hoytema is lensing the James Bond film Spectre. Jason-Leigh is an X factor, as she could be a big player in The Hateful Eight, but it all depends on the type of role in the movie that she has. I doubt all of these hopefuls wind up with the first noms, but it’s certainly possible that at least one will. I wouldn’t bet against that, especially this early on.

Among those waiting to finally win, you should keep a close eye on Leonardo DiCaprio, David O. Russell, and Greg P. Russell as well. They all have pretty equal chances, give or take the latter Russell, who always gets nominated but never wins. He’ll have another shot in Best Sound Mixing with Spectre. As for the former, who is the bigger Russell of the two, he’s got Joy, which obviously has him in heavy contention now, as he always is with a new film at this point. Then, we have DiCaprio, who is in The Revenant, possibly the biggest Academy Award player we know of at this early point. We know that DiCaprio is going to win an Oscar within the next few years, so it’s just a matter of time for him. Hell, if it’s not this year, it might even be next year. Regardless, it’s going to happen eventually.

I’ll definitely have a whole new list in each category to share with you at some point in April, so just sit tight on that front. There are no shortage of contenders hoping to be the next Carell or the next Moore, with Gordon-Levitt and DiCaprio two of the biggest ones to keep an eye on. There will be plenty more on their flicks to come, so no worries there. In the meantime, everyone is still in play, which is pretty cool in its own way, right? Thought so…

Stay tuned to see who winds up scoring this time around!

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