Anton Yelchin in “5 to 7”: Ten Movies to see in April

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Happy April Fools’ Day folks! I’m going to keep it serious here today though and give you a look at what the month of April has to offer in terms of theatrical releases. I’m going to be getting back into the rhythm of doing this every month, so consider this just the first of many. Obviously, there are more than the ten releases I’m mentioning, but this could wind up as the cream of the crop by the end of the month. I’ve also seen a good number of these, so that works as an added bonus in figuring out what to recommend…

Here now are ten April releases to really look forward to:

10. Furious 7 – We all know that everyone is going to see this much hyped sequel staring Vin Diesel and Paul Walker, so this is almost a besides the point mention. Still, in a lean-ish month like April, it certainly stands out as the only real blockbuster of note. It could rule the box office until May 1st when Avengers: Age of Ultron shatters records.

9. Monsters: Dark Continent – A sequel to a very solid indie that catapulted Gareth Edwards into the director’s chair for Godzilla. The first one was a real surprise, so I’ll be curious to see if this one can turn this into a viable franchise. I’ll be seeing it later on this week, so stay tuned…

8. Woman in Gold – Opening today, this is something that would have otherwise seemed like a fall/winter awards bait offering. Helen Mirren attempting to get valuables back from the Nazis after World War II? Sounds baity to me. Ryan Reynolds co-stars in something that you can literally check out once you finish reading this.

7. Misery Loves Comedy – Actor/comedian Kevin Pollak’s documentary about if comedians really have to be sad in order to be funny really has my attention. I’m hoping to see it shortly at the Tribeca Film Festival, so while I can’t vouch for it, it does seem like the prime doc for April.

6. Child 44 – Here’s another one time Oscar hopeful that’s instead opening in the early spring. Tom Hardy and Gary Oldman get a chance to re-unite after sharing the screen in The Dark Knight Rises. The buzz is muted on this one, but it likely will have something solid to offer.

5. Clouds of Sils Maria – When I saw this one last year at the New York Film Festival, I marveled at Kristen Stewart’s supporting turn as well as Juliette Binoche’s lead work. It has an early-ish release date, which could make a campaign for Stewart difficult, but she’s certainly worthy of a Best Supporting Actress nomination. Time will tell if she can sustain through the entire season.

4. Ex Machina – I’m not sure if I’m still embargoed on this one, but I feel safe in saying that this is a twisty little science fiction thriller that’s pretty damn enjoyable. Oscar Isaac is incredible as always, so if you’re waiting anxiously to see him in a certain franchise sequel, this could tide you over until the winter…

3. Alex of Venice – A film that I first saw back at last year’s Tribeca Film Festival, it marks the directorial debut of actor Chris Messina as well as features one of the best turns to date from actress Mary Elizabeth Winstead. Her performance is more than reason enough to check this one out.

2. True Story – One more Academy Award hopeful that’s likely crippled by a first quarter release date. James Franco and Jonah Hill do very strong serious work in this dramatization of the real life relationship between journalist Michael Finkel and convicted murderer Christian Longo. Felicity Jones co-stars, making for a trio of thespians doing work worth checking out.

1. 5 to 7 – I’ll have more to say about this one at the end of the week (it opens on Friday, actually), but this is currently my favorite film of 2015 so far, even if I first saw it last year at Tribeca. Anton Yelchin is incredible in this touching romantic dramedy. I don’t want to get talked out on it just yet, but I do want to urge that it’s a must see. Don’t miss it…

Stay tuned next month for more recommendations when May rolls around!

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