“Mad Max: Fury Road”: Ten Films to Look Forward to in May

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With the end of April upon us next week, I wanted to turn our attention to May and the cinematic treats that might be held there. It’s essentially the start of the summer movie season, so there’s a slight turn that takes place in terms of what comes out. There are a few less notable indies, while the mainstream titles veer towards blockbuster status. In fact, a nice grouping of the biggest Hollywood smash hit hopefuls are hitting in May. You’ll see the ones below, clearly, but I tried to mix it up, going from tiny indie horror to massive comic book franchise sequel, with plenty in between. Enjoy!

Here are ten May releases to anticipate…

10. The Ladies of the House – A small independent horror film from John Stuart Wildman and Justina Walford, it offers a welcome throwback to the days of exploitation. I feel like Russ Meyer and Eli Roth would appreciate this in equal measure. It’s genre fare and not for everyone, but those who have a stomach for this sort of thing will likely enjoy discovering some new filmmaking voices. Look for it on May 1st.

9. San Andreas – Dwayne Johnson vs an Earthquake? I’m sure that’s enough to sell a ticket for many of you. I haven’t heard much buzz about this one, but on May 29th we can watch all hell break loose. It’s fair to say that this one could wind up being really entertaining, if likely in a dumb sort of way. We’ll find out on May 29th.

8. Good Kill – I saw this drama at the Tribeca Film Festival (after it came there following a debut at the Sundance Film Festival earlier on in 2015) and on May 15th, you can too. It offers up Ethan Hawke as a drone pilot, which is timely, if nothing else. The movie is solid too, so I can recommend it on its merits as well.

7. Pitch Perfect 2 – The sequel to the surprise hit from a few years ago, this is basically fan service, but we rarely get that in the form of a girl power mid level dance comedy, so you can’t take issue with it at all. Anna Kendrick and company are all back, so if you dug the first one, you can see it on May 15th.

6. Welcome to Me – Kristen Wiig wins the lottery and gets own talk show. That’s the gist of this dramedy which hits on May 1st. Wiig is very good and I’ll likely have more to say about this one soon, so stay tuned there. In the meantime, mark it down as something to potentially check out.

5. Maggie – I missed this zombie drama at Tribeca sadly, so when it opens on May 8th, it’s possible that I won’t have seen it. Still, Arnold Schwarzenegger caring for his daughter as she becomes a member of the undead is more than enough to rope me in. Reviews so far have been pretty decent too, for what that’s worth.

4. Tomorrowland – One of Disney’s two big releases in May, this comes second on the 22nd and is one of the year’s biggest original properties. George Clooney anchors this science fiction tale, of which we still don’t know too much about. Personally, I kind of like it that way, as I’m getting more and more intrigued by its potential.

3. Aloha – Cameron Crowe is always good for some cinematic pleasure in my book, so on May 29th we’ll likely have a solid new romantic comedy to check out. Crowe has Bradley Cooper and Emma Stone falling in love this time out, and that’s a combination that I can really get behind in a big way.

2. Avengers: Age of Ultron – I mentioned this one yesterday, but Disney’s other giant release this month comes out stateside on May 1st and could absolutely shatter box office records. Yes, Marvel is just that good at what they do. Remember how much money the first one from Joss Whedon made and think about how much more sequels tend to make. Yes, records could be set in the coming weeks…

1. Mad Max: Fury Road – Perhaps the most anticipated release of May for many, we’ll be able to see the franchise revived on the 15th. Tom Hardy is our new hero, with Charlize Theron also in the cast for George Miller’s ridiculously good looking action epic. Those trailers have sold me completely.

Stay tuned to see how these films do next month!

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