Woody Allen: First Trailer for “Irrational Man” with Joaquin Phoenix and Emma Stone

Each and every single year, we’re treated to a new Woody Allen movie. Moreover, basically every other year, Allen’s latest outing becomes an awards contender. With last year apparently being his off year with the enjoyable, if slight, Magic in the Moonlight, speculation is high that 2015 could see an Oscar player from the filmmaker. Well, the first Trailer for his new film Irrational Man has hit the web, and it shows off some solid acting and a unique take on a potentially tired plot. I’m not sure if the Academy will wind up noticing it when all is said and done, but I sure did.

Irrational Man is a romantic comedy about a burnt out Philosophy professor who arrives at a new school and winds up in an existential crisis when he becomes smitten/in a relationship with a student. Joaquin Phoenix plays the professor while Emma Stone plays the student. Also on hand in this potentially smaller than usual last for Allen (who of course writes and directs) is Jamie Blackley and Parker Posey, to name two. If the plot sounds like something you’ve seen before, you’re not alone. The catch here is that Allen has a very unique take on the world, so his interpretation of this situation has a ton of potential.

There’s two things in the Trailer that stick out at me. One is the chemistry apparent between Phoenix and Stone, as well as the potential for Posey to steal her scenes. The other is that it appears that Allen is utilizing dual voiceovers to get us into the headspace of both main characters. That could lead to some fascinating introspective commentary, though it also could wind up just being a gimmick. Right now though, I’m willing to look at it as a clever choice by the legendary filmmaker, one that gives this film something to potentially set it apart from the crowd. You’ll be able to see the Trailer below and decide for yourself, of course, but I liked what I saw.

Obviously, we don’t know if Irrational Man will be a player in the awards season or not, but if it does, my suspicion is that it would be on the back of Allen’s script and the performances of Phoenix, Posey, and Stone. One could potentially envision a campaign centered on Best Picture, Best Actor for Phoenix, Best Actress for Stone, best Supporting Actress for Posey, and Best Original Screenplay for Allen. We all know that the Academy is all about nominating Allen when he’s on point, and with Phoenix a multi time nominee in the acting categories (plus Stone now being a member of the club), this might not be a big long shot. It’ll all come down to quality, of course, but that’s the way that it should be.

Our first look at the flick will be next month when it plays at the Cannes Film Festival, but we won’t have to wait too long for Allen to unleash Irrational Man on us. The movie is scheduled to come out in the middle of the summer on July 17th, with a national expansion to come during the month of August. I know that I’m looking forward to seeing the film, especially after this trailer. Phoenix and Stone are usually more than enough to get me interested, and I’ve never missed a work of Allen’s, so this is right up my alley. I’ll have plenty more on Irrational Man between now and the middle of July, so sit tight and I’ll be sure to report back once I see it. In the meantime, peep out that Trailer…

As promised, here’s the Trailer for Irrational Man:

Stay tuned for more on Allen’s latest!

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