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Meryl Streep: Trailer drops for “Ricki and the Flash”

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As is almost always the case, it seems like we’re going to have a Meryl Streep performance in contention for another Academy Award nomination. Luckily for us though, this year it appears like Streep has a bit of a change up in store here, as opposed to overly serious melodrama or biopic type work. Later this year, she’ll be starring in the dramedy Ricki and the Flash, which got a Trailer this week. It looks like she’s as good as ever, but having a ton of fun as well, which certainly could rub off on audiences as well. If so, I’ll be thrilled to have her in the Oscar race for what feels like the 50th time. It won’t feel like tradition this time around.

In case you’ve yet to hear anything about this one, it’s a musically tinged dramedy surrounding a musician named Ricki who gave up on the family life in order to pursue a rock and roll career. When her daughter winds up in a tough spot, her ex husband calls her and she returns home in order to try and make things right. The Trailer, which you can see below, shows off some solid heart, humor, and music to boot. Streep plays the title character, while the strong supporting cast includes Kevin Kline, Mamie Gummer, Sebastian Stan, and Rick Springfield. The director here is Academy Award winner Jonathan Demme, while the screenplay is by fellow Oscar winner Diablo Cody. Throw in the statues that Streep already has, as well as the one belonging to Kline, and this is a gold plated flick if ever there was one.

What has me interested here is the combination of Streep getting to let loose a bit, as well as her reciting Cody’s distinctive dialogue. The script doesn’t seem to be as “Cody-ish” as some of her other ones, but it appears like a pretty good one, regardless. Streep sometimes lacks the screenplays to really knock it out of the park for me (I’m in the minority there, I realize), but this could change that up. If so, there’s a ton of potential here, possibly even offering up one of Streep’s juiciest roles to date. She’s at her best when she’s having fun, which looks to be the case here.

If Ricki and the Flash turns out to be a high quality film, there are definitely some awards possibilities here. Besides Best Picture, of course, we have Best Director (for Demme), Best Actress (for Streep), Best Supporting Actor (for Kline), Best Supporting Actress (for Gummer), Best Original Screenplay (for Cody), and Best Original Song as well. I’m sure they won’t all come to pass, but they could be bigger Oscar contenders than previously expected. In fact, this Trailer makes me think that it’s very unlikely that the Academy will shut it out, provided that the movie is up to snuff. We won’t know for a bit, but this first look suggests something that could really surprise some folks.

We won’t have a good idea about its true potential until August, but Ricki and the Flash has my attention now, which is a start. I usually don’t look forward to Streep films, but this is decidedly an exception. If everyone is firing on all cylinders, I expect to be talking about this movie for the rest of the season. You can see the Trailer below, and stay tuned for much more on the flick. It opens on August 7th, so mark that down and sit tight for a follow up piece on Ricki and the Flash once I’ve seen it during the late summer…

Here’s the Trailer for the film:

Stay tuned for more on Ricki and the Flash!

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