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Ryan Reynolds is “Deadpool” in the long awaited Trailer

deadpool trailer 2015
You wouldn’t have expected last month’s Comic Con to have been won by a basically C list comic book property like Deadpool, but that apparently was the case out of San Diego. The panel there was supposedly best in show, not just in terms of superhero flicks, but in general, and that’s saying something. After all, Ryan Reynolds is not exactly a beloved figure there (even if I think he’s very underrated) and the character itself was rather mishandled the first time out, but that’s the difference a great Teaser or Trailer can make. Now, folks can’t wait for the Deadpool movie, and the Trailer we have for you later on this piece will help to explain why. It’s not Oscar material, but hey, sometimes fun is fun.

A quick introduction to the superhero. The character is known as “the Merc with the mouth”, since he’s a wisecracking mercenary…so, basically an antihero. Think someone like The Punisher, but with the sense of humor of Spider-Man. Here, it’s an origin story, seeing how Wade Wilson (Reynolds) became Deadpool. It appears to be irreverent, violent, and a ton of fun. Reynolds is in the title role, obviously, while the supporting cast includes Morena Baccarin, Gina Carano, Brianna Hildebrand, TJ Miller, and more. The director here is Tim Miller, while the writers adapting the comic book source material are Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick. It’s not something I’d been paying much attention to…until now, that is.

Yes, Reynolds’ first crack at the character didn’t work very well and he wasn’t a particularly great Green Lantern, but this film seems determined to stand out from the pack. First of all, we rarely get R rated comic book properties, let alone ones that seek to be edgy like this is going for. It has a vibe that’s closer to Kick-Ass than Superman Returns, essentially. Also, Reynolds does look pretty good here. Who knows if it’ll sustain over the course of a whole movie, but the look you’re going to see below should make you at the very least curious to see more.

Considering how most articles about comic book movies and superhero films in general center on how it’s a matter of if, not when, a saturation point will occur, it behooves any new property to be as different as possible. Deadpan certainly doesn’t appear like it’ll be for everybody, but it’s very clear why this blew the roof off of comic con. It’s kinetic, vulgar, and something we haven’t seen before. That’s the easiest way to attract audiences right off the bat. Too many outings of this ilk seem like carbon copies of something else. For better or worse, that will 100% not be the case this time around.

To be fair, we are getting excited over a mid February release in 2016, so it’s not exactly a surefire Academy Award contender. Maybe this will wind up being thoroughly mediocre and nothing will match whatever happened at Hall H in San Diego this summer, but time will tell. Right now, this Trailer you’ll see below has blown most people away, so the buzz is pretty high. Deadpool could follow in the footsteps of unlikely hits like Ant-Man and Guardians of the Galaxy, though we won’t know for another six months. Regardless, this first look at the flick is providing excitement to many, so it’s my pleasure to share it with you. Take a look at it now and sit tight for more on this one early next year. Enjoy…

Here’s the Trailer for Deadpool:

Stay tuned for more on Deadpool between now and February 12th of next year!

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