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Folks, it’s just about to become October, and that’s crazy to me. It’s the thick of the fall festival season, which means that we’re also officially knee deep in awards season now. I think this month is one of the very best of the year so far, especially in terms of new releases, though that sort of goes without saying as we move deeper into the fall. As you’ll see, a multitude of Academy Award possibilities are hitting theaters, so that alone is a major boost to cinema offerings. Of course, there’s no assurance of Oscar attention, but I’m of the opinion that whenever we have a bunch of contenders circling the wagons, as it were, it’s a good thing. As such, this could be a really good month indeed. Take a look below and I’ll be more than happy to show you what October has to offer up for you all…

Here now are the ten best bets for flicks to see in the month of October:

10. Suffragette – One of a handful of civil rights related awards hopefuls for 2015, this one I can’t quite figure out. Reviews have been fine, the cast has been praised, but something about it seems slightly too on the nose for the Academy too fully embrace. Carey Mulligan might be its main hope, but we shall see. I had originally been scheduled to see it today, but now that’s happening early next week, so stay tuned there.

9. The Walk – I enjoyed Robert Zemeckis’ latest flick, particularly the third act, when the spectacle takes over and you see things you’ve never seen on screen before. This is probably not a contender outside of the technical categories, which is bad news for those hoping to see Joseph Gordon-Levitt nominated, but it’s a very entertaining film nonetheless. Just wait until you see the third act…

8. Our Brand is Crisis – Yes, I was predicting this to win Best Picture and Best Director for a fair bit of time. That time has seemingly come and gone, but perhaps the precursors will revive its chances? Sandra Bullock at least seems like a potential Best Actress nominee still, so there’s that. I tend to be a David Gordon Green fan, so even if it’s not his Oscar winner, it still could be a quirky good time at the movies.

7. Burnt – This is a big curiosity for me. Could this be a last minute Academy Award player? Bradley Cooper has been a nomination machine of late, so there’s definitely a chance, especially with The Weinstein Company backing it. At the same time, there’s been very little buzz to suggest this, so either a surprise is coming or this is just meant to entertain and make money. We’ll find out in a matter of weeks…

6. Truth – The first of two journalism tales attempting to woo voters (with the masterpiece Spotlight still to come), this one is the more star studded one, led by Cate Blanchett and Robert Redford. This centers on Dan Rather’s controversial reporting on President George W. Bush’s National Guard service and receive some solid reviews on the festival circuit. The aforementioned Spotlight could suck up all the journalism related awards buzz, but this one will be first out of the gate, so that could help even the score.

5. Beasts of No Nation – One of the most powerful films of the year so far is getting by far the most interesting release platform. Of course, this is the movie that Netflix is gunning for Oscars with, while also making available for streaming on their service. Idris Elba is excellent in Cary Joji Fukunaga’s flick, but it’s young Abraham Atta that’s really the star. Not only is he giving one of the best child performances of the year, he’s doing one of the best in some time. Moreover, I’d say that it’s one of the best performances of 2015 so far, in general. You’ll see what I mean soon.

4. Bridge of Spies – I’ll be among the very first to see this one when it debuts at the New York Film Festival in a few days, so it’s about to become less of an X factor, but right now it could either way for Steven Spielberg’s latest. Obviously, having Tom Hanks in a baity movie co-written by the Coen Brothers immediately puts this in the conversation, but at the moment it’s just a waiting game. Stay tuned…

3. Room – Yesterday I got to see this film, which is riding high off of its Audience Award at Toronto, and let me tell you…it’s great. Not only is Brie Larson worthy of all of the Best Actress buzz she’s been getting, everything I said about Atta above applies to young Jacob Tremblay here as well. They both deserve nominations. This movie is special, and while it’s an emotional experience, it’s one that you owe yourself to take later on this month. More on this soon.

2. Steve Jobs – One of the biggest movies of the year hits this month. Yes, the long awaited biopic of the Apple icon himself. Michael Fassbender is the title character in Danny Boyle’s flick, with a script courtesy of Aaron Sorkin. This is another that I’ll be seeing in the next few days, so prepare for plenty more on this one early next week. It’s one of the major Oscar contenders of 2015, so that pretty much goes without saying, you know?

1. The Martian – I’ve already gone on and on about how great this space adventure is, but this is another reminder. Ridley Scott returns to form and Matt Damon does some of his best work in a while with this Mars set epic. It’s truly a crowd pleasing blockbuster that could even appeal to the Academy, so it’s the very definition of a must see. Don’t you dare miss this one…

Honorable Mention: The Assassin, Crimson Peak, The Final Girls, Freeheld, Goosebumps, He Named Me Mahlala, I Smile Back, Nasty Baby, Rock the Kasbah, and Shanghai

Be sure to check out all these movies over the course of October!

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