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The Hollywood Film Awards Series: Amy Schumer begins her comedic awards run

trainwreck amy schumer
Continuing on with the Hollywood Film Awards Series, I wanted to take a look today at the latest honoree…Amy Schumer. A longtime top tier comedian, Schumer has been conquering television for a few years now, but this year she took the film world by storm with her hit comedy Trainwreck. It’s no coincidence then that she’ll be feted at the 19th annual Hollywood Film Awards with the well regarded Hollywood Comedy Award. As such, it’s a perfect time to take a look at Schumer, both in terms of where she’s come from so far, a bit more praise for the wonderful Trainwreck, and some speculation about where she’s going. Hint, it involves the A-list.

Before Trainwreck hit, if you knew Schumer, it was either from her stand up comedy, appearances on various celebrity roasts, or her sketch comedy show Inside Amy Schumer. On that show, she gets to be as raunchy as she wants, but Schumer also worked in plenty of satire and a heavy dose of social commentary. It was all done for laughs, but it became water cooler type stuff. Between that and her memorable stand up appearances, roast moments, and ability to charm on radio shows, it was only a matter of time before her star rose. Once she combined her talents with Judd Apatow though, something special happened.

trainwreck judd apatow amy schumer
I’ve raved about Trainwreck for months now, but I’ll just do it a little bit more now. Not only is this the funniest movie of the year so far, it’s one of the best romantic comedies in some time. Schumer gives a starring turn as a modern single woman, while the direction by Apatow as well as her writing elevate already clever material. Her acting and her writing are worthy of awards attention, which makes this Hollywood Comedy Award so well deserved. A critical and financial success, Trainwreck is one of the best things to come out in 2015 to date and well worth consideration in a few different places this awards season.

Speaking of awards, Schumer will certainly contend for more citations than just the aforementioned Hollywood Comedy Award. Obviously, Schumer and Trainwreck seems like a solid bet for some Golden Globe attention, both in Best Picture (Comedy or Musical), as well as Best Actress (Comedy or Musical). Best Screenplay is a possibility at the Globes too, though the big writing prize for Schumer would be Best Original Screenplay at either the Writers Guild of America Awards or of course the Oscars. Maybe I’m alone, but Academy Award nominee Amy Schumer has a nice ring to it. It may or may not happen, but she’s definitely going to be in the initial running.

Going forward, we’ll be seeing her in some very interesting roles going forward. Obviously, she still has Inside Amy Schumer and her stand up work, but she’s also developing a a mother daughter action comedy project, as well as a team up with Jennifer Lawrence that the two of them are co-writing. The former will be directed by the talented Jonathan Levine, while the latter is sure to be a huge flick when it comes together. I’m down for whatever movie projects Schumer comes up with, so whether on television or in films, she’s going to continue becoming a bigger and bigger A-lister in the years to come.

Comedy Central Roast of Donald Trump - Arrivals
Overall, it’s hard to think of anyone nearly as deserving as Schumer is for the 2015 installment of the Hollywood Comedy Award. She’s only finishing up the first act of her career right now, so the possibilities for her future are endless. She displayed ample dramatic chops in addition to her comedic skills in Trainwreck, so I doubt this will be the only time she’s honored for that work. The 19th annual Hollywood Film Awards will be a launching pad for Schumer, and rightly so. Stay tuned for much more on Schumer as well as the Hollywood Film Awards in the weeks, months, and years to come. Neither are going anywhere…

Be sure to check out the 19th annual Hollywood Film Awards!

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