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The Hollywood Film Awards Series: Joel Edgerton, Tom McCarthy, and Carey Mulligan are the latest honorees

joel edgerton  black mass
Ahoy folks! Yesterday afternoon, the 19th annual Hollywood Film Awards announced some more honorees, so of course that means it’s time for a new installment of the Hollywood Film Awards Series. A whole bunch of new Oscar contenders have been feted here, with Joel Edgerton, Tom McCarthy, Adam McKay, and Carey Mulligan chief among them. There’s also the animated feature Inside Out, so this is a pretty jam packed group today. I’ll be giving them moments in the sun below, but for a few, the Academy will have a bigger honor waiting for them soon enough…potentially even in the form of a gold statue.

Here are the honors that were just announced for the 19th annual Hollywood Film Awards:

“Hollywood Actress Award”
Carey Mulligan for Suffragette

“Hollywood Breakout Actor Award”
Joel Edgerton for Black Mass

“Hollywood Breakthrough Director Award”
Adam McKay for The Big Short

“Hollywood Screenwriter Award”
Tom McCarthy and Josh Singer for Spotlight

“Hollywood Animation Award”
Pete Doctor for Inside Out

These all represent major players in the Oscar game, so let’s talk about their chances now…

Mulligan has a solid chance to crack the Best Actress lineup for Suffragette. She’s one of the ten most likely nominees, and without any true frontrunner right now, she’s just as likely as fellow contenders like Cate Blanchett, Brie Larson, Jennifer Lawrence, Saoirse Ronan, Lili Tomlin, and others. She could certainly come up short, but she could just as easily make it into the final five. I have my doubts that she can win Best Actress, but she’s got this first precursor under her belt, and that helps immensely.

Edgerton is definitely in play for Best Supporting Actor for his role in Black Mass. Snubbed for Warrior a few years back, Edgerton has been impressing under the radar for a while now. Helping him out is a lack of a lock in Supporting Actor, though there will be stiff competition from Jeff Daniels, Bruce Dern, Sam Elliot, Tom Hardy, Kurt Russell, Jason Segel, and plenty others all season long. It’s a stacked potential lineup, besides those guys, so Edgerton could come up short, but this early honor is definitely a help. He’ll be in contention, with or without Johnny Depp’s candidacy in Best Actor to help him along…

McKay might seem like a long shot in Best Director, but a lot will have to do with how his film winds up doing. Obviously, the big names in this category will have the advantage, as will the films more heavily contending in Best Picture, but I think that The Big Short is a definite X factor, which puts McKay on the radar. I wouldn’t say to expect him to heavily contend, but it would be foolish to count him out. We have no idea what to make of this one yet, so this early honor is a good sign. Either way, it seems like McKay is no longer just going to be considered a comedy director. That’s fully in the past now.

McCarthy and Singer are among the frontrunners in Best Original Screenplay. McCarthy is a potential winner in Best Director for Spotlight, so Original Screenplay could be ripe for the picking as well. I wouldn’t bet against McCarthy and Singer here. The work is outstanding and the category could easily break their way. Especially if Spotlight is on the way to an Oscar for Best Picture, a win here just makes sense. This will be the first of many Screenplay citations for the duo, trust me there. Spotlight on the whole is going to be one of the most honored films of the year, take it from me.

Finally, Inside Out is of course the odds on favorite in Best Animated Feature. Doctor and company only really have competition in house from The Good Dinosaur and potentially from Anamolisa as well, so that’s a good sign as well. In fact, considering how Inside Out could score a Best Picture nomination, it would be downright foolish not to have it in your top spot for Animated Feature. As such, this is undoubtedly just the first of many honors of this sort for Doctor’s film. It should be an easy road down the precursors, with the end result being Oscar glory when all is said and done…

Stay tuned for more honorees to be announced for the 19th annual Hollywood Film Awards!

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