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The Hollywood Film Awards Series: Ridley Scott is honored…could Oscar be next?

Earlier today, another big honoree was announced for the 19th annual Hollywood Film Awards, and that was none other than Ridley Scott. The legendary director is being honored for his work on The Martian, so not only is that a great excuse for me to rave about that film once again (I’m not nearly tired of doing so for this one), it also means something else…time for another installment of the Hollywood Film Awards series. As Scott contends for another Academy Award nomination for The Martian, he’s got an early precursor here coming his way, and that could definitely bode well for him during the rest of the awards season.

In case you didn’t know, this is what Scott is being honored with at the Hollywood Film Awards:

“Hollywood Producer Award”
Ridley Scott for The Martian

Matt Damon the Martian
Now, to discuss the movie again and what this honor means…

First of all, this flick is a huge hit, which is something that Scott has achieved plenty of times in his career. The difference this time? He’s also got critics on his side. Frankly, Scott has become a punching bag for pundits at times, but this is very much a return to form and respect for the filmmaker. His best directorial outing in some time, it’s launched him back into the orbit of the Oscar season, if you’ll excuse that cheesy pun. What was once considered potentially a long shot is now going to be in the thick of the race all throughout the precursor season.

Being honored here with an award for producing is not just a sideways way of honoring his direction, but a top of the cap to how he keeps a handle on his movies as well. Scott gets to work with huge budgets, is one of the few directors out there still who have the clout to get as much money as he needs, and he puts it all up there on the screen. With The Martian, he wrangled an A-list cast, top flight visual effects, and a large scale production that all came together under his watch. It’s among his most accomplished works to date, which is no small compliment either.

In terms of Best Picture (where Scott would receive an Academy Award nomination for producing), there’s a definite path forward for The Martian. As likely the only blockbuster in the potential group, that helps the work stand out. The strong reviews don’t hurt either, especially when few other contenders are really being able to make a memorable mark. Can it win Best Picture? Probably not, but there’s a strong chance of it making the cut with a nomination at the Oscars. Wins at the Golden Globes in the Musical/Comedy field (if it does compete there) will help with the narrative, though I doubt it will make or break things. If I had to guess now though, I’d say that Scott is on his way to a nomination for producing.

It’ll be a harder road for Scott in the directing field though. He has a chance, and I’ve predicted him off and on in the Best Director lineup, but The Martian will likely have to be a top five or six contender in Picture for Director to realistically have a chance of coming through for him. That obviously remains to be seen, but while you can express some confidence in Scott as a producer getting in with Picture at the Academy Awards, getting in as a filmmaker in Director will prove to be a much tougher feat. He can do it, but he’s hardly assured of the citation.

Ridley Scott Head shot
Overall, Scott is an A-list director and producer, so this Hollywood Producer Award is a very apt citation for the man. The Hollywood Film Awards is looking to launch a number of contenders in the Oscar race this year, and you can throw Scott and The Martian right there in with the rest of them. This is as good a choice as any that have been made so far for this precursor. It’ll be exciting to see how Scott and his film does going forward, as it really stands out from the rest of the pack. Sit tight for more…

Stay tuned for more honorees to be announced for the 19th annual Hollywood Film Awards!

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