Jennifer Lawrence looks like a major Best Actress threat in the latest Trailer for “Joy”

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As one of the very last unseen Academy Award contenders this year, David O. Russell’s film Joy is among the most scrutinized of 2015 holiday releases. More than just another shot for Russell to score that elusive first Oscar after a bevy of recent nominations, it’s also a high profile star vehicle for Jennifer Lawrence. Judging by the new Trailer, which you can see below, it very well might make her a two time winner in the Best Actress category. Yes, she looks that good in it. As such, I wanted to discuss Joy again a bit, since we’re still about two months away from really knowing anything concrete about it…

The film is a somewhat fictionalized look at businesswoman and inventor Joy Mangano (though the filmmakers have apparently made this more of a composite character and not strictly about her), a successful entrepreneur who hit it rather big with a special mop she designed. Lawrence will portray Joy as she goes from a young single mother to the founder and matriarch of a powerful family business that will be a dynasty for generations to come. Through it all, she’s had to be a powerful woman in a decidedly male dominated world. Russell obviously directs the movie and co-writes with Annie Mumolo (who as mentioned in a previous article penned the initial script but oddly only receives a Story By credit here), while the supporting cast seems top notch, led by Bradley Cooper and Robert De Niro while also including Diane Ladd, Virginia Madsen, Edgar Ramirez, Elisabeth Röhm, Isabella Rossellini, and many more.

I obviously can’t know if this flick is any good, but the buzz has gotten better since this new Trailer dropped this week. Initially met with some skepticism and perhaps even some hand rubbing by pundits eager to see the duo of Lawrence and Russell fail, the ship has been righted. Some of that is due to the better new Trailer, which also highlights how good De Niro might be here, as well as Lawrence, but some of this newfound love might be due to the race itself. With no real frontrunner in many categories, a high profile X factor like this becomes a sexy pick for some to make. It’s all a crapshoot, but Joy is riding a nice little wave at the current moment. If it keeps up through the theatrical release, Oscar could very well take notice.

In terms of its awards prospects, the possibilities and potential are pretty much endless for Joy. You can definitely start off with Best Picture, Best Director (for Russell), Best Actress (for Lawrence), Best Supporting Actor (for Cooper, De Niro, and/or Ramirez), Best Supporting Actress (for Ladd, Madsen, Röhm, and/or Rossellini), and Best Original Screenplay (for Mumolo and Russell) among the big eight categories, with Best Production Design, Best Cinematography, Best Film Editing, as well as Best Makeup and Hairstyling among the technical fields under consideration. Honestly, the techs will be a bit of a crapshoot for this one, but right now you’d be foolish not to predict Lawrence in Actress at the very least, with either Cooper or De Niro in Supporting Actor making plenty of sense too. The film itself will reveal its ultimate quality in a few months time, but those A-list stars will be in play regardless of how Russell did. That being said, if the movie is at least solid, expect him to be in play for Director and Original Screenplay as well. Especially if it gets into Picture, watch out for Russell.

Overall, Joy seems like something that at the very least fans of American Hustle and Silver Linings Playbook will dig. Lawrence and Russell have done some top notch work together, so it’s reasonable to expect more of the same. You can judge them for yourselves in the new Trailer below, though the actual film isn’t going to be coming out until Christmas Day. It’ll be one of the high profile December 25th movies, that’s for sure. In the meantime, sit back, relax, and enjoy the Trailer. Consider it a whetting of the appetite before the meal arrives in about two months…

Here’s the Trailer for Joy:

Stay tuned for much more on Joy between now and it’s Christmas release date!

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