Movies to give thanks for in 2015

Happy Thanksgiving everybody! With today being Turkey Day, I wanted to do something a little special (in between eating and watching football, of course), which is to look at some films we should give thanks for this year. 2015 has been an interesting year, and as a way to tie it all in to the holiday, I’m showing you all what to be thankful for, cinematically. Obviously, real life is more important than movies, but I’m just looking at the films and flicks that fit this profile, as it were. Again, happy Thanksgiving to you and yours…hopefully it’s a great one, filled with family, friends, and food!

Here now are a half dozen bits of cinema that we should be giving thanks to this year:

In Ring Creed Sylvester Stallone and Michael B. Jordan
Creed – First up, give thanks to this movie for being as wonderful as it is and relaunching a franchise on this holiday weekend. I’ve written about it a fair bit this week, but with it now in theaters, this should be one of your top cinema going priorities. Seriously, you’ll thank me later. Also, you’ll be giving thanks to Sylvester Stallone for making you cry, believe it or not…

inside out
Inside Out – Give thanks to Pixar for making something special and original once again. The Good Dinosaur is pretty good, no doubt about that, but this one is brilliant, unique, and unlike anything else that’s come our way in a long time. The likely Oscar winner for Best Animated Feature, it basically became an instant classic as soon as it began screening. So yes, this one is one to be thankful for, no doubt about that.

jurassic world sea  600x303
Jurassic World – Not only do we have this franchise alive and well again, we saw a fun summer blockbuster set records at the box office. Give thanks that this was as enjoyable a film as it was. Colin Trevorrow channeled his inner Steven Spielberg and made this more than just a money grab. Is it high art? No, but then again, few blockbusters are. When you look at some of the things that make a ton of money, you can be thankful that something solid like this is what’s made the most in a long time…at least until something else on our list, that is.

the martian matt damon
The Martian – Give thanks to this flick for bringing back Ridley Scott. Personally, I’m also thankful that one of my favorite books in some time wasn’t ruined by a cinematic adaptation. In fact, Drew Goddard did a fantastic job, making for one of my favorite things to hit theaters this year. As a bonus, if you want one more thing to give thanks to for this movie, it’s that a fun, smart science fiction flick is in the conversation right now for Best Picture.

spotlight michael keaton mark ruffalo
Spotlight – If you read this site, you must be a fan of the awards season, and few films in the race are as good as this one. The best movie of the year so far and the frontrunner to win Best Picture at the Oscars, it’s a masterpiece. As a reader of Hollywood News, you must give thanks for top tier Academy Award contenders, and it really doesn’t get better than this one. Kudos again to Tom McCarthy and his cast/crew.

Star Wars The Force Awakens celebration photos 3
Star Wars: The Force Awakens – Sure, it’s not out yet, but if you love the movies, you have to love Star Wars, and we’re getting a new one in a matter of weeks! That alone is enough to give thanks for among a large portion of the film going community, but considering how good it looks, that’s like a full on holiday miracle all its own from J.J. Abrams and company…

Have a great Thanksgiving ladies and gentlemen!

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