“Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” gets an intense new Trailer

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Late last night, a big new Trailer was dropped for next year’s giant superhero spectacle Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. We’re only about three months out from this blockbuster, so it makes sense that Warner Brothers is really beginning to push it on us. Once we hit January, I suspect that the marketing blitz will be huge, but yesterday their third Trailer was unveiled, and for my money this is the best one yet. We all know that we’re going to be getting an epic showdown between the Dark Knight and the Man of Steel, but this showcases a whole lot more. You’ll see the Trailer below, but I also want to set the stage for the film a bit as well, so that’s what I’ll be doing right now.

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I’m sure that this is no surprise to any of you still, but this film is going to set up a Justice League team up for the Warner Brothers/DC slate of heroes in the near future. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice picks up where Man of Steel left off, with the citizens of Metropolis debating the merits of Superman (Henry Cavill) being a god among men. This captures the attention of Batman (Ben Affleck) over in Gotham City, and they cross paths, with much fighting to ensue before they get on the same page to overcome Jesse Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg) and what we now see is his creation of Doomsday. Man of Steel’s Zack Snyder returns to direct, with David S. Goyer and Chris Terrio co-writing the script. The cast, aside from the aforementioned Affleck, Cavill, and Eisenberg includes Amy Adams, Laurence Fishburne, Ray Fisher, Gal Gadot, Holly Hunter, Jeremy Irons, Diane Lane, Harry Lennix, Jena Malone, Scoot McNairy, Jason Momoa, Michael Shannon (sort of), and many more. For those wondering, the score is done by the team of Junkie XL as well as the great Hans Zimmer.

What we’re seeing here is that the movie is going to be a huge action flick, in addition to a gritty battle of heroes. The three minute Trailer gives you a bit more of the fight scenes, a set up involving Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne meeting, how Luther is involved in it all, and finally, what leads to Wonder Woman arriving, which is also what brings Batman and Superman together. That’s actually the Superman villain Doomsday, who is one of his most dangerous adversaries. That in turn will probably help to set up the two part Justice League film planned next. This actually looks closer to The Avengers and Captain America: Civil War than I expected, which is a plus as well. It seems dark and gritty, but also somehow fun, which is an excellent mix if Snyder indeed can pull it off.

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Without question, this is going to be a massive success. Financially, the box office will be huge, but it will be up to the critical community to determine if it gets respect. Marvel obviously has that down pat for the most part, but so far it’s been harder for DC. I think this definitely have the potential to surprise…perhaps not to the point of awards, but in delivering an incredibly satisfying experience. Honestly, I’m expecting a really good time at the movies. Maybe I’ll be wrong, but at this point, I have no reason not to assume that the film will be incredibly entertaining. Time will tell though, I suppose…

Enough talk…it’s time. Here’s the Trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, as promised:

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Stay tuned for lots more on Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice between now and its 2016 release date of March 25th!

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