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Updated Golden Globe predictions

Believe it or not, the Golden Globe awards are coming, sooner than you think. Yes, it seems like just yesterday the nominations were announced, but now the actually ceremony is only a few weeks away (less than three weeks now, in fact). As such, it’s definitely time to update my predictions, reflecting for the first time the actual nominees. I’m not sure anything is obvious just yet with the Globes, though some potential frontrunners have definitely emerged. With the early date for the ceremony, we’ll possibly get to see new frontrunners put forward, or else the strongest contenders will just get stronger. Either way, it’ll most certainly contribute something to the awards season.

It seems like it’ll be Spotlight and The Martian emerging with big wins, though Mad Max: Fury Road and The Big Short could prove to be party poopers. My hunch is that both wind up with the Best Picture prizes here, with either Spotlight’s Tom McCarthy or The Martian’s Ridley Scott taking Best Director, though George Miller is a possible spoiler for Mad Max: Fury Road. Acting wise, things are less set in stone, though the Actor prizes potentially seem wrapped up for Leonardo DiCaprio in The Revenant and Matt Damon in The Martian. That being said, the former has competition from Bryan Cranston in Trumbo and the latter has from Steve Carell in The Big Short. Actress wise, I think Brie Larson in Room and Jennifer Lawrence in Joy seem like the safe bets, though neither is locked in. The same goes for Supporting Actor with Mark Rylance in Bridge of Spies and Supporting Actress with Jennifer Jason Leigh in The Hateful Eight, now that I mention it. Essentially, nothing is a sure thing right now, and that’s exciting!

Obviously, the Academy Awards correlation is fairly limited here since it’s a completely different group of voters. Also, ballots are due a few days before the Globes have their show, with the Oscar nominations being announced a couple of days later, so if anything, this functions more as a potential barometer for the ultimate winners, not the nominees. Speeches can be tried out and victories are tried on for size by members of the Academy. It’s not nearly as important as the guilds are to the process, but it’s not quite as easy to dismiss as something like the Critics Choice Awards, so there’s that.

Here now is my first set of Golden Globe predictions, post nominations announcement:

Best Picture (Drama)

1. Spotlight
2. Mad Max: Fury Road
3. Carol
4. The Revenant
5. Room

Best Picture (Comedy or Musical)

1. The Martian
2. The Big Short
3. Joy
4. Trainwreck
5. Spy

Best Actor (Drama)

1. Leonardo DiCaprio – The Revenant
2. Bryan Cranston – Trumbo
3. Michael Fassbender – Steve Jobs
4. Eddie Redmayne – The Danish Girl
5. Will Smith – Concussion

Best Actor (Comedy or Musical)

1. Matt Damon – The Martian
2. Steve Carell – The Big Short
3. Mark Ruffalo – Infinitely Polar Bear
4. Christian Bale – The Big Short
5. Al Pacino – Danny Collins

Best Actress (Drama)

1. Brie Larson – Room
2. Saoirse Ronan – Brooklyn
3. Rooney Mara – Carol
4. Alicia Vikander – The Danish Girl
5. Cate Blanchett – Carol

Best Actress (Comedy or Musical)

1. Jennifer Lawrence – Joy
2. Amy Schumer – Trainwreck
3. Lily Tomlin – Grandma
4. Melissa McCarthy – Spy
5. Maggie Smith – The Lady in the Van

Best Supporting Actor

1. Mark Rylance – Bridge of Spies
2. Sylvester Stallone – Creed
3. Paul Dano – Love & Mercy
4. Idris Elba – Beasts of No Nation
5. Michael Shannon – 99 Homes

Best Supporting Actress

1. Jennifer Jason Leigh – The Hateful Eight
2. Jane Fonda – Youth
2. Alicia Vikander – Ex Machina
4. Kate Winslet – Steve Jobs
5. Helen Mirren – Trumbo

Best Director

1. Ridley Scott – The Martian
2. Tom McCarthy – Spotlight
3. George Miller – Mad Max: Fury Road
4. Alejandro G. Iñárritu – The Revenant
5. Todd Haynes – Carol

Best Screenplay

1. Spotlight
2. The Big Short
3. Room
4. The Hateful Eight
5. Steve Jobs

Best Animated Feature

1. Inside Out
2. Anamolisa
3. The Good Dinosaur
4. Shaun the Sheep Movie
5. The Peanuts Movie

Best Original Score

1. The Hateful Eight
2. Carol
3. Steve Jobs
4. The Danish Girl
5. The Revenant

Best Original Song

1. Furious 7 (See You Again)
2. Fifty Shades of Grey (Love Me Like You Do)
3. Youth (Simple Song #3)
4. Love & Mercy (One Kind of Love)
5. Spectre (Writing’s on the Wall)

Best Foreign Film

1. Son of Saul
2. Mustang
3. The Fencer
4. The Brand New Testament
5. The Club

Stay tuned to see who and what wins at the Golden Globe awards during the ceremony on January 10th!

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A graduate of Stony Brook University (where he studied Cinema and Cultural Studies), resides in Brooklyn, New York. He contributes to several other film-related websites and is a member of the Broadcast Film Critics Association.

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