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The Biggest Oscar morning snubs this year

When the Academy Award nominations were announced last week, a number of satisfying citations were given out. By that same token, a bunch of glaring omissions occurred, as well. Big and small, down the line, Oscar missed out on opportunities to cite huge contenders, as well as rising stars. Obviously, with the #OscarsSoWhite situation, there’s been a lot of talk about a few specific snubs, and while those were definitely notable, they weren’t the only ones (though at least one is included below). Today I’m going to be looking at the biggest snubs, ones that we might have felt confident in predicting, right up until nomination morning. I’ve got ten listed, as you’ll see…

Here are the ten biggest Academy Award nomination snubs this year:

10. The Walk in Best Visual Effects – When a film is only competing in one category, that can be rough and potentially lead to be left out. That being said, when the centerpiece of the movie is so centered on an immersive bit of CGI, you’d think that voters would remember it? Alas, it was not to be for this one.

9. Ricki and the Flash in Best Original Song – Much like above, it was always going to be one and done here, especially since Meryl Streep never caught on. Here though, the song Cold One is as good, or better, than all of the actual nominees, with the added benefit of being placed perfectly into the flick. A real snub indeed.

8. Michael B. Jordan in Best Actor – Considering how thin the Best Actor race turned out to be, how beloved Creed was, and the wave that co-star Sylvester Stallone seems to be riding to a Best Supporting Actor win, it’s a real shame that Jordan didn’t get to join him. Of all the snubbed Actor nominees, he probably came the closest and really would have livened up the race with a nomination. His time will come soon enough, but still…this was a bummer.

7. Kristen Stewart in Best Supporting Actress – In a very real way, Stewart probably was a victim of category fraud…just not her own. Having Rooney Mara and Alicia Vikander, great as they were, in Supporting Actress instead of going Lead closed off this race early. Had they not been there, Stewart had a definite chance for her critically awarded turn in Clouds of Sils Maria.

6. Idris Elba in Best Supporting Actor – Easily one of the bigger surprises on nomination morning, Elba was not only tipped to get nominated here for Beasts of No Nation, but he was also set up as a potential spoiler winner. I suppose the Netflix bias hurt him to some degree, but he’s another actor who will definitely get nominated one day. It just seemed for all the money like that day was going to be last week…

5. Quentin Tarantino in Best Original Screenplay – Another big surprise, especially since the Academy has been a big Tarantino fan of late. It seems here like The Hateful Eight just was too divisive among their voting body, though I suspect he came very close to getting in here. He’s a player whenever he makes a movie and already has two wins in this category, so it wasn’t an unforgivable snub, but it was a surprising one nonetheless.

4. Carol in Best Picture – This one hurt a lot of folks. With the Best Picture lineup seeming to fluctuate between eight and nine nomination slots, it seemed like Carol was always going to need that extra space to get in. Alas, the spot didn’t open up, and it’s now the most nominated non Picture nominee of the modern era, which is kind of a dubious honor, I suppose…

3. Paul Dano in Best Supporting Actor – Yes, Dano had fallen away a bit at the end, especially with the rise of the aforementioned Stallone as well as Christian Bale becoming a thing, but Dano is so good in Love & Mercy that he still seemed to have a shot. Sadly, it didn’t come to pass and the talented young actor was snubbed again by the Academy.

2. Aaron Sorkin in Best Adapted Screenplay – Perhaps the most iconic screenwriter of our time, Sorkin is always in contention when his name is on a movie. Steve Jobs was a bungled campaign from the start, but the Golden Globe wins had given some of us hope that Sorkin wasn’t going to be excluded. Then, you know…the nominations actually happened. Alas.

1. Ridley Scott in Best Director – This one boggles my mind. The Martian got in for Best Picture, Best Actor (for Matt Damon), Best Adapted Screenplay, and various technical categories, but the well respected and overdue for a win Scott couldn’t? It makes no sense. He was all but unquestionably the number six, which obviously wasn’t enough. What a shame…

Be sure to stay tuned for more Oscar coverage, right up until the big night!

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