Richard Linklater continues to be one of the most exciting filmmakers in the business

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It was just about two years ago when filmmaker Richard Linklater finally unveiled his long brewing passion project Boyhood to the world and finally became the awards magnet that many thought he would eventually turn into. The thing about Linklater is, no matter what he’s currently up to, he has something very different planned, so while Boyhood was a prestige outing, not far from the Before trilogy (Before Sunrise, Before Sunset, and Before Midnight), what he has coming to us this week is a spiritual sequel to his stoner classic Dazed and Confused. Yes, I’m talking about Everybody Wants Some, though for this piece, I’m really just focusing on Linklater himself. He’s as fascinating a director as there is in the business, so it’s always a pleasure to look at his filmography and talents, no question there.

I’m seeing Linklater’s new film Everybody Wants Some later on today, so look out for a piece on that one before the week is out. Right now though, I’ll just say that if it’s anywhere near as memorable as Dazed and Confused was, it’ll be a big deal. An awards player? No clue, we’ll have to talk about that in a few days, but as a cultural moment…there’s a possibility. Linklater has never been a hotter filmmaker than he is currently, so plenty of extra eyes will be on this movie. Perhaps it won’t hold up under the extra scrutiny, but the festival reviews out of South by Southwest were very kind, so I don’t expect that to be the case at all. In any even though, just sit tight for more on the flick. Today is just about Linklater himself.

Everybody Wants Some

To fill in the blanks, I’m going back to the past. Here’s some of what I previously wrote about him in a Spotlight on the Stars article: “Linklater has always done things his way, from his fly on the wall debut Slacker to Dazed and Confused to the Before trilogy (Before Sunrise, Before Sunset, and Before Midnight). Throw in Boyhood and you have five near classics from one filmmaker, and that doesn’t take into account the almost dozen other movies that he’s made over the years. He’s done everything from animated flicks (A Scanner Darkly and Waking Life) to studio comedies (Bad News Bears and School of Rock), with plenty of interesting work in between.

If you take a close look at his oeuvre, he’s done very compelling things with even his less regarded work. From Bernie (which I find to be incredibly underrated) to Fast Food Nation to Tape, with plenty of others in between, Linklater has managed to take whatever premise he’s working with and do things in such a simple yet unique way that sometimes it’s not until the flick ends that you realize just how special his work is. The two Adapted Screenplay nominations he has for Before Sunset and Before Midnight are nice bits of recognition, but he really needs to get a Best Director nod under his belt soon, not to mention a nom for Best Picture. (Of course, those both came for Boyhood after having written that)”

Now, Linklater has done plenty more than what’s listed above, and of course he came up short with the Academy when they opted not to reward him for Boyhood, but that takes nothing away from his talents. He certainly can still win an Oscar at some point, though it’s clearly not his focus in the least. He just wants to make movies that interest him, something I think he’s accomplished spectacularly over the years. I’ll be back in a few days to tell you how Everybody Wants Some is and if it’s worth putting forward as a contender, but I’m of the mind that few in the industry are better at what they do than Linklater. He’s one of a kind, frankly…

Stay tuned for more on Everybody Wants Some in the coming days, before it hits theaters this weekend!

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