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“Everybody Wants Some” is one of the year’s biggest delights

Everybody Wants Some
I knew going in to see Richard Linklater’s new film Everbody Wants Some earlier this week that it was likely to appeal to me. What I didn’t expect was a near masterpiece and perhaps an instant cult classic. I absolutely adored this movie and really think it’s among the best titles of 2016 so far. Linklater has made something that’s not just a worthy companion piece/spiritual sequel to Dazed and Confused, but something that even continues some of the themes explored in Boyhood. This is another top notch effort that shows his current filmmaking to be at near master status. This is a special film.

The movie looks at the first weekend at college for freshman pitcher Jake Bradford (Blake Jenner). We basically just follow him as he meets his teammates, including Glenn McReynolds (Tyler Hoechlin), Willoughby (Wyatt Russell), Billy Autry (Will Brittain), Dale Douglas (J. Quinton Johnson), and scene stealer Finnegan (Glen Powell), along with a potential special lady in Beverly (Zoey Deutsch). The group of guys bond while playing ball, competing in their off campus house, partying, and of course going out to bars in order to chase women. It’s a hang out picture, and a great one at that. Linklater writes and directs here, with the rest of the ensemble including Austin Amelio, Temple Baker, Jonathan Breck, Ryan Guzman, Tanner Kalina, Juston Street, Sophia Taylor Ali, and Forrest Vickery. Cinematography here is by Shane F. Kelly, with editing from Sandra Adair, both of whom help to perfectly execute Linklater’s vision.

Zoey deutch everybody wants some
There are tons of things to love here, from the iconic soundtrack (nearly as good as the one used by Linklater in Dazed and Confused) to charismatic performances all around, but what really stuck with me after the credits rolled was the way the flick looks at being on the cusp of adulthood. Linklater truly understands how it feels to be unsupervised for the first time and to be a good kid, but one who really wants to get laid and experiment. It’s loving in its approach, something that sets it apart from a similar type of project that might center around a fraternity or just college friends in general. Linklater gets it, plain and simple, leading to the profoundly superb results we see on screen.

Awards wise, I’m not sure if voters will find Everybody Wants Some too fluffy or too cool to truly consider, but I think a big effort is worthwhile here. Campaigns for nominations in Best Picture, Best Director (Linklater), Best Actor (Jenner), Best Supporting Actor (Powell), Best Supporting Actress (Deutsch), Best Original Screenplay, Best Production Design, Best Cinematography, and Best Film Editing are endeavors I’d love to see taken up. Realistically, it might come down to just Original Screenplay, though Supporting Actor for Powell, who walks away with this movie, is not beyond the realm of possibility. The film will have to be remembered all year long, but if it is, there’s a chance it could make a dent on the precursor circuit.

When you get right down to it, Everybody Wants Some is just one of the most enjoyable films of 2016 so far, along with being one of its overall best (something I’ll be reiterating very soon). It works on multiple levels, entertains in a big way, and once again showcases Linklater as the top tier storyteller that he is. I was blown away by the movie and can’t recommend it enough to you all. It’s out now in limited releases and will be expanding in many more theaters over the coming weeks, so you have to see this flick. Don’t you dare miss it…

Be sure to see Everybody Wants Some, out now in limited release!

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