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“Demolition” and “Green Room”: Films to see in April

Demolition Jake Gyllenhaal-2
We’re officially on to the second quarter of the year folks. As such, I have once again taken this first part of a new month to go over some new releases worth looking out for. It’s April now, so much like the seasons, films are changing. Yes, we’re slowly moving towards blockbuster time (though it’s not really until next month that it more or less becomes summer movie season), with the overt studio dumping ground in the rearview mirror. We might even start to see some awards hopefuls begin to hit theaters. Time will tell there, but it’s actually an encouraging part of the year. This month might not immediately jump out at you, quality wise, but looks can be deceiving, especially in this case. Read on to find out what I mean…

Here now are the ten best bets for April cinematic viewing:

Everybody Wants Some
*Special Citation* – Everybody Wants Some (Opening in wide release during April)

10. Hardcore Henry – While I really didn’t care for this POV action movie, I know a lot of my colleagues do happen to dig it, so there’s that. Sharlto Copley is kind of fun here, which also helps. Again, not my thing, but if the Trailers and TV Spots have you excited, check it out when it opens on Friday.

9. Rio, I Love You – I’m not too sure how this next installment of the independent franchise is, but as a fan of both previous entries (Paris, je t’aime and New York, I Love You), I’m intrigued. These sorts of things are hit or miss, due to being basically a collection of shorts, but I’m willing to give it the benefit of the doubt.

8. A Hologram for the King – The mere fact that this is the rare indie project that Tom Hanks attaches himself to these days makes this worthwhile. Seeing him in a slightly absurdist romantic comedy/dramedy is pretty much his original bread and butter, so it could even have a retro feel of sorts to it. Count me in, obviously.

7. The Invitation – I’ve heard some pretty good things about this one, which is a thriller set at a dinner party, though apparently it doesn’t confirm to genre conventions at all. That’s usually a good way to capture my attention, so if the buzz is is any indication, this is an indie to look out for.

6. Holidays – An entry into the 2016 Tribeca Film Festival, I’ve seen this anthology horror flick, which is better than some of the recent ones of its ilk. For my money, the best segment is from Kevin Smith and ostensibly set on Halloween, but your mileage may vary. Stay tuned for more on this when when I officially report in at some point from the fest…

5. Keanu – Fans of the show Key and Peele have been looking forward to this action comedy all year. Folks at South By Southwest got to see it and mostly enjoyed it, so this could be a sleeper hit later on this month. If nothing else, it’ll continue to launch this duo as film stars, not just television ones.

4. The Jungle Book – The early reviews have been almost entirely raves for this live action remake of the Disney animated classic. Apparently, Jon Favreau has totally aced this project, so as if I wasn’t already excited for Bill Murray as Baloo, there’s more to look forward here than meets the eye. I’ll have more on this one in the weeks to come, so sit tight!

3. Sing Street – As a big fan of John Carney (Once and Begin Again), this new musical outing has me very excited. It’s closer to his other, lesser known outings, in that it’s not set in America like Begin Again, but apparently it does again capture the spirit of Once, which is al I need to hear. I see it in a few days, so expect more on this one pretty soon…

2. Green Room – I’ve seen this film and found it to be a bloody blast, though not for the weak stomached. Jeremy Saulnier impressed a few years back with Blue Ruin, and this one is a more than worthy next outing by the filmmaker. It’s gory as hell, but uses small spaces and confined areas in a great way. I’ll rave more about this one in the very near future.

1. Demolition – I also have seen this Jake Gyllenhaal movie, one that I think is really quite excellent. It’s a quirky drama with some amusing elements, as Gyllenhaal’s character takes a very interesting approach to grief. I’ll have a piece on it coming before the week is out, so look forward to that one before Friday folks…

Demolition Jake Gyllenhaal

Honorable Mentions: Elvis & Nixon, The Family Fang, The Huntsman: Winter’s War, Louder than Bombs, The Meddler, and Tale of Tales

Be sure to check out these films all throughout the month of April!

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