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Over 60 titles to look forward to at the 2016 Tribeca Film Festival

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For the past week and change or so, I’ve been attending pre screenings for the 2016 Tribeca Film Festival. This lead up to the fest is always interesting to me because it represents a small sampling of what I’ll get to see during the few weeks that represents Tribeca. For now, it’s just a few recognizable titles sandwiched between a lot of ones I’d go in blind on, but that’s not a bad thing at all. So far, I’ve gotten to see Equals, Don’t Think Twice, High Rise, and Holidays, to name just a few that I’ve caught at pre screenings, but the real deal is set to begin very soon. In honor of that, I wanted to list all oft the movies that I think are of note at the fest. It’s far from a an all encompassing view of Tribeca, but it will represent the films that jump out at me as ones to look out for/look forward to. Your mileage may vary, but these are what I initially see as the most exciting entires for 2016.

In previous years, I have gotten to see a few really terrific titles at the festival, so it’s hardly an also ran event. Previously undiscovered gems like 5 to 7 unspooled before my eyes at Tribeca, along with some top tier flicks from other fests, like the Sundance Film Festival, for example, where Sleeping with Other People debuted before blowing me away last year. It’s an interesting situation, as Tribeca isn’t as prestigious as the New York Film Festival, but it isn’t quite the meat market that is Sundance or one of any number of anonymous fests. It’s decidedly somewhere in the middle, and that’s kind of a sweet spot to me.

Here now is a list of just over 60 or so films that will be playing at Tribeca and are on my “to see” list:

Adult Life Skills
Always Shine
Between Us
Command and Control
The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea
Don’t Think Twice
Elvis & Nixon
The Family Fang
Fear, Inc.
The Fixer
Folk Hero & Funny Guy
Here Alone
High Rise
A Hologram for the King
Hunt for the Wilderpeople
Keep Quiet
A Kind of Murder
King Cobra
The Last Laugh
Life, Animated
The Man Who Knew Infinity
The Meddler
Midsummer in Newtown
Mr. Church
My Blind Brother
Night School
Perfect Strangers
The Phenom
Prison Dogs
The Return
Robert Klein Still Can’t Stop His Leg
Shadow World
Southwest of Salem: The Story of the San Antonio Four
Special Correspondants
Strike a Pose
Team Foxcatcher
The Tenth Man
The Ticket
Tiger Raid
Women Who Kill
Youth in Oregon

Obviously, I won’t be seeing 61 and change films at the fest, but I will be trying to see as many as possible. Again, I’ve already seen Equals, Don’t Think Twice, High Rise, and Holidays, so I can vouch for those (or at least most of those), with the other 50 plus flicks representing perhaps wishful thinking on my part. It’ll be an eventful April, to be sure, as I try and catch as many of these as I can, while also seeing general new releases, etc. It’s a challenge, and of course sleep will be at a premium, but that’s the job, and I’m game for it all. Look out for lots more from Tribeca in the weeks to come. Essentially, whenever something actually noteworthy happens, I’ll be sure to mention it here, so sit tight. Fun times are ahead…

Be sure to stay tuned for some reports out of the Tribeca Film Festival!

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