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A new Trailer for “Snowden” shows off the biopic as a potential Oscar player

Earlier today, a new full length Trailer dropped for Snowden, the Oliver Stone helmed biopic of a certain notorious whistleblower. This conspiracy/political thriller seems right up Stone’s wheelhouse, with an A-list cast on to help, including Joseph Gordon-Levitt in the title role. We’ve only seen little teases for the film so far, along with a delayed release from last year (when the movie apparently wasn’t finished yet) to this year, so it’s pretty much been an X factor. Now, a bit more is known, so some musings can be done. Of course, you can see the Trailer at the end of the piece, but for now, let’s dive in and see what we can potentially make of this one…

For those unaware, this is a biopic of Edward Snowden (played here by Gordon-Levitt), who we see go from dedicated work in the military to the work with the CIA that will make him famous/infamous, while carrying on a loving relationship with Lindsay Mills (Shailene Woodley). As he becomes more and more disillusioned with the government’s surveillance practices, he ends up deciding to speak out and show the American people what’s going on. Once he’s outed as a whistleblower though, the response is not exactly what he expected. Stone obviously directs and co-writes here with Kieran Fitzgerald (based on books by Luke Harding and Anatoly Kucherena), and he’s got a hell of a cast in place. In addition to Gordon-Levitt and Woodley in what seems to be the juiciest roles, there’s Nicolas Cage, Scott Eastwood, Rhys Ifans, Melissa Leo, Timothy Olyphant, Zachary Quinto, Joely Richardson, Keith Stanfield, and Tom Wilkinson, among others. Cinematography here is done by Academy Award winner Anthony Dod Mantle.

Just going by the Trailer, it looks like this should be closer to Stone’s highly regarded works than his also rans. Gordon-Levitt seems very good too, though his accent could throw some off. I didn’t mind it, however, as he actually sounds like Snowden. Woodley is in a role that voters often take a shine too, so if she has the material, I’d expect her to receive some praise. Mostly, it just looks like a great companion piece to CitizenFour, offering up a fictional version of that award winning documentary. Provided Stone can keep some of his conspiracy theory tendencies in check, there appears to be a lot to like here.

Speculating on awards, there’s a chance that this could be a pretty strong Oscar contender, assuming the reception later on this year is strong. I’d expect Open Road to launch campaigns in Best Picture, Best Director (for Stone), Best Actor (for Gordon-Levitt), Best Actress (for Woodley, depending on category placement), Best Supporting Actor (for Cage, Eastwood, Ifans, Olyphant, or Wilkinson), Best Supporting Actress (for Woodley, again depending on category placement), Best Adapted Screenplay (for Fitzgerald and Stone), Best Production Design, Best Cinematography, Best Film Editing, Best Hairstyling & Makeup, and Best Original Score. I suspect Gordon-Levitt in Actor and Woodley in either Actress or Supporting Actress are the main places nominations will be shot for here, though Picture obviously looms large if this is a hit. I’m not ready to call it a frontrunner, but it definitely looks like a player.

It’ll be a while before we fully know what to make of Snowden, but I think there’s reason to be optimistic here. Stone is rarely a boring filmmaker, both Gordon-Levitt and Woodley are due for Oscar love, Academy voters usually dig this sort of material, and the Trailer itself looks like we’re going to get a good movie overall. We’ll see more in the coming months, of course, as it’s not hitting theaters until the fall, but I’d keep an eye out for this one, if I were you. The Trailer is below, but sit tight for plenty more on this film. It’s one to anticipate…

Here’s the full Trailer for Snowden, as promised:

Stay tuned for much more on Snowden, between now and its September release date!

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