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“Between Us”, “Dean”, “Win!”, and “Youth in Oregon”: Tribeca Wrap Up for 2016

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Last week, I put the Tribeca Film Festival into the rearview mirror for 2016. It was an interesting fest, to say the least, with a number of forgettable movies mixing with the occasional standout flick or outright failure. I was bummed not to find something I completely fell in love with like in years past, when 5 to 7, Grandma, and Sleeping with Other People burned their way into my brain, but a few things did come close. This year’s festival was a step down, but it was the first time that I’d seen over 25 films at Tribeca, so I suppose the lower success rate was inevitable. Regardless, there was more than enough to sift through, so this wrap up piece will do just that.

I’ve previously raved about Between Us and Dean (Dean especially, from Demetri Martin), but they’re not the only ones worth making a fuss over. There’s things like Youth in Oregon and Win! that I think will be big deals as well. These movies helped to save Tribeca for me. Youth in Oregon especially reminded me of something that could have caught on at the Sundance Film Festival, not unlike Grandma last year. Between Us also had a Sundance vibe, though it’s not quite as heartbreaking as Like Crazy or Blue Valentine. Still, it’s top notch and the second best thing I saw, outside of Dean, which I’ll be raving about more as the year progresses.

If there’s one thing, besides Dean, that could have some crossover success of the yet to be releases, it’s the documentary Win!, which might seem like something along the lines of an ESPN 30 for 30 but really stands out. Essentially, Win! is a compelling look at the birth of a sports franchise, namely the New York City Football Club, which is an expansion Major League Soccer team. As enjoyable as it is for NYCFC fans to get to look behind the curtain, this documentary really succeeds as a potential introduction of the soccer team to non fans. Even if you don’t care for soccer or ever watch MLS games, the soup to nuts approach of seeing an expansion team come together in a major city is fascinating to watch. I could easily see it coming out and doing very well.

Here now are my rankings for all 27 films seen by yours truly at Tribeca this year:

1. Dean
2. Between Us
3. Youth in Oregon
4. Dreamland
5. Don’t Think Twice
6. Adult Life Skills
7. Custody
8. Hunt for the Wilderpeople
9. Equals
10. The Meddler
11. Win!
12. Elvis & Nixon
13. The Phenom
14. Holidays
15. My Blind Brother
16. A Hologram for the King
17. Wolves
18. The Family Fang
19. Fear, Inc.
20. Detour
21. Special Correspondents
22. High-Rise
23. King Cobra
24. AWOL
25. A Kind of Murder
26. Nerdland
27. Always Shine

(Note, the top 14 are all recommendation worthy, with 15-21 mixed bags, 22-25 being misfires, and the bottom two being out and out terrible)

Next, a few special citations:

Most Overrated – High-Rise
Most Underrated – Win!
Most Pleasant Surprise – Adult Life Skills
Film I Wish I’d Seen – The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea

Now, some awards that I’d like to give out for the best of the festival:

Best Picture – Dean
Runner Up – Between Us and Youth in Oregon

Best Director – Rafael Palacio Illingworth for Between Us
Runner Up – Demetri Martin for Dean and Robert Schwartzman for Dreamland

Best Actor – Frank Langella for Youth in Oregon
Runner Up – Demetri Martin for Dean and Tom Hanks for A Hologram for the King

Best Actress – Oliva Thirlby for Between Us
Runner Up – Lola Kirke for AWOL and Kristen Stewart for Equals

Best Supporting Actor – Kevin Kline for Dean
Runner Up – Ethan Hawke for The Phenom and Billy Crudup for Youth in Oregon

Best Supporting Actress – Hayden Panettiere for Custody
Runner Up – Analeigh Tipton for Between Us and Amy Landecker for Dreamland

Best Adapted Screenplay – Hunt for the Wilderpeople
Runner Up – The Family Fang and A Hologram for the King

Best Original Screenplay – Dean
Runner Up – Youth in Oregon and Youth in Oregon

Best Ensemble – Don’t Think Twice
Runner Up – Dean and Youth in Oregon

Best Cinematography – Equals
Runner Up – Between Us and Dreamland

Best Film Editing – Dean
Runner Up – Equals and Between Us

Best Original Score – Equals
Runner Up – Dreamland and Custody

Best Animated Film – Nerdland
(By default, as I did not care for this one at all)

Best Foreign Language Film – N/A

Best Documentary – Win!

Until next year folks, that’s it for Tribeca coverage!

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A graduate of Stony Brook University (where he studied Cinema and Cultural Studies), resides in Brooklyn, New York. He contributes to several other film-related websites and is a member of the Broadcast Film Critics Association.

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