Potential options to replace Daniel Craig as 007

Go figure folks. Last week I posted a speculative piece looking at who could direct the next James Bond film now that Sam Mendes is out of the picture, and of the numerous folks I listed, only one realistic option (not counting Christopher Nolan, who is basically a pipe dream) turns out to be in the early conversation. That of course, is Danny Boyle, though some reports have Susanne Bier as the frontrunner. Today though, I’m looking at what could go down if Daniel Craig doesn’t return as 007. As such, I’ve again amassed a list of players for a position within this franchise. Read on to find out more, but keep in mind that this is purely guesswork on my part and isn’t meant to be taken too seriously, at least not yet…

First off, keep in mind that Craig isn’t 100% out of the picture yet. He’s spoken of both being unsure of his future and mostly set to move on from the franchise, so your guess is as good as mine there. The odds favor him not coming back, though I suppose the choice of director could influence him as well. Honestly, I think the best course of action is for Craig to come back for one more with a new director not looking to do multiple installments (perhaps Bier or Boyle), then to turn it all over to a new team of actor and filmmaker (perhaps even Nolan) who can put a whole new mark on the franchise over the course of several movies. That’s just my two cents though.

What you’ll see below is a collection of names that I think could be up for the role of James Bond. Some have been rumored already, while a few are just pure guesses on my part. It also pretty much runs the gamut from realistic options to shots in the dark that almost certainly won’t be the case, so keep that in mind. In all likelihood, we won’t see Idris Elba or Michael Fassbender or Clive Owen take on the PP7 and martini mantle, but it’s fun to speculate about them. I do think the apparent favored pick of Tom Hiddleston could be on the money, but it’s early on yet. In any event, take a look and we can go from there!

Michael Fassbender 600x300
Here now are the 25 names I think could/should be up for the part of Bond:

Richard Armitage
Jamie Bell
Idris Elba
Luke Evans
Michael Fassbender
Matthew Goode
Tom Hardy
Tom Hiddleston
Jack Huston
Theo James
Daniel Kaluuya
Adrian Lester
Damien Lewis
Andrew Lincoln
James McAvoy
James Norton
Jack O’Connell
Alex O’Loughlin
Clive Owen
David Oyelowo
Will Poulter
Sam Riley
Matthias Schoenaerts
Dan Stevens
Aidan Turner

As you can see with the above list, there’s a wide range of actors (and even potentially actresses, though I didn’t cite any here) to choose from. The names to focus in on, at least for me, are Luke Evans, Tom Hardy, Jack Huston, Jack O’Connell, Dan Stevens, and Aidan Turner, at least in addition to the rumored frontrunner that is Hiddleston. Hardy is the biggest name that’s realistic, so you can’t count him out, though Stevens or Turner are the type of up and comers that the producers could favor. A lot will depend on the director who comes aboard, so a ton still remains to be seen…

Here also is a quick repeat bonus ranking for you all, in case you never saw it the first time. This is how I rank the actors who have played the iconic spy so far:

1. Daniel Craig
2. Sean Connery
3. Pierce Brosnan
4. George Lazenby
5. Roger Moore
6. Timothy Dalton

Stay tuned to see who ultimately winds up playing the spy next time around!

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