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Mark Ruffalo is part of another franchise with “Now You See Me 2”

Mark-Ruffalo-in Now You See Me
It’s no secret that Mark Ruffalo is one of the best and most likable actors out there right now. Not only is he immensely skilled, he just appears to be beloved as a human being as well. Ruffalo has broken through in a bigger way over the last few years, both in terms of Oscar nominations and also bigger budget films. He’s already a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but now he can list Now You See Me as another movie franchise of his. This week, Now You See Me 2 opens in theaters and should only increase Ruffalo’s A-list star power, rightly so, I might add.

The film is a sequel to Now You See Me, the surprise hit from a few years back. It concerns a magic act that also doubles as a Robin Hood type heist team. Ruffalo plays Dylan Rhodes, who in the last flick was hunting The Four Horsemen, but now he’s teamed up with them and almost a mentor of sorts. When a potentially evil tech genius ropes them into pulling off a heist for him, the vigilante group is faced with their biggest act of magic yet. Essentially, it’s more of the same, combining magic with a crime thriller, but apparently crowd pleasing as well. Jon M. Chu directs from a script written by Ed Solomon ( with story credit to Pete Chiarelli), and the cast is pretty A list besides Ruffalo, including Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson, Lizzy Caplan, Dave Franco, Daniel Radcliffe, Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman, Jay Chou, Sanaa Lathan, and more.

Now You- See Me 2

For my money, few are more due an Academy Award than Ruffalo is. Yes, he’s been nominated three times in the Best Supporting Actor category (for Foxcatcher, The Kids Are All Right, and Spotlight), but he’s yet to be cited in Best Actor and is overdue a win, not just a nomination. He’s shown tremendous range, which you don’t always see from someone, and his varied career shows no signs of slowing down. It’s a matter of if, not when, for Ruffalo to win, so once he has the right vehicle, I suspect that he’ll steamroll through the awards season. The precursors will pick him up and push him to the podium on Oscar night before long, mark my words.

Mark Ruffalo Now You See Me 2

Ruffalo now officially has a pair of franchises in his back pocket, which is a good place for his career to be in. In addition to his character here (with Now You See Me 3 likely in the cards, no pun intended), he’s also Bruce Banner/The Hulk in the Marvel world. He’s a big part of the MCU, so far in just Avengers films essentially, but he could have his own flick soon. For now though, his next movie is Thor: Ragnorak, which is said to be a buddy film of sorts consisting of him and Chris Hemsworth’s title character. Count me in, obviously.

In the end, Now You See Me 2 is notable for being another franchise for Ruffalo to play in. Tomorrow, audiences can pay to see him in this sequel, supporting his career choices. We all know that Ruffalo is basically beloved, so even though he’s part of an ensemble here, he’ll still shine through. I look forward to seeing what he chooses to do next, as he can walk between both the independent and blockbuster world with ease, so whatever he picks tends to be a treat for us all. Stay tuned for more on Ruffalo in the months to come, with the next year or two being a big one for his Hulk. Sit tight there…

Be sure to check out Ruffalo in Now You See Me 2, opening this weekend!

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