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“Blair Witch” and “Wonder Woman”: Comic-Con unleashes a ton of buzz worthy Trailers

wonder woman Diana Prince Chris Pine 2016
Now that the San Diego International Comic-Con has wrapped up for 2016, I think it’s time to take a quick look at what teased convention goers this year. Folks who attend Comic-Con, both as pundits and also as fans, get to basically see what a handful of genre outings will look like over the next year or so. This time around, things were mostly dominated by Marvel and Warner Brothers’ DC superheroes, though a few other properties got to stand out. Chief among Marvel was their Marvel Cinematic Universe or MCU title Doctor Strange, while DC went all in on a number of their flicks, as you’ll see below…

In addition to Justice League, which I’ll write about in a day or two, DC unveiled Wonder Woman for really the first time, along with sort of putting a bow on the run up to Suicide Squad. The former got its very first Trailer, while the latter got one more in a sea of what feels like a dozen of them. Both look very good and actually like real good times, something that wasn’t necessarily suggested by the events of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. I’ll speak more to the changes in tone from that film to these (along with Justice League) later on this week, but I like what Warner Brothers and DC are doing. The powers that be at the WB knew that what they were doing just wasn’t hitting the mark, so they’re evolving with the times, as it were.

A non superhero event of note was the reveal of The Woods as actually a sequels to The Blair Witch Project, now just simply called Blair Witch. This was already a movie that I was interested in, as it comes to us from the filmmaking team that made both You’re Next and The Guest, along with a great segment from V/H/S, so they’re emerging genre masters in my book. Now, knowing that they’re making a true follow up to The Blair Witch Project only has me more excited. Giving a modern found footage look to Blair Witch opens up a number of possibilities, and considering how the entire flick was shown at Comic-Con and reviews so far have been ecstatic, I’m really in now. When a colleague calls something one of the scariest films of all time, you sit up and take notice.

What we also saw Teasers for such diverse far as 2016 releases Doctor Strange and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, as well as 2017 titles Kong: Skull Island and The LEGO Batman Movie. If you ask me, it seems like Comic-Con was a real success, but you can be the judge with the Teasers and Trailers that can be seen below. I’m holding back the one for Justice League so I can do an entire post dedicate to just that one, so keep an eye out for that, perhaps as soon as tomorrow, but before Friday for sure. In the meantime, take a look at everything below and sit tight for plenty more. Many of these will be movies next year that I’ll be writing a lot about, so keep them in your mind for now…

kong skull tom hiddleston, brie larson
Here now are all the Trailers…

First up, Blair Witch:

Second, we have Doctor Strange:

Next we have Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them:

Continuing on, here’s Kong: Skull Island for you:

The LEGO Batman Movie comes next:

Next is Suicide Squad:

Wonder Woman GAL GADOT
Finally, we have Wonder Woman:

kong skull samuel l. jackson
Stay tuned for much more on all of these titles over the next year or so!

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