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“Blair Witch” and “Snowden”: Films to look forward to in September

Believe it or not, the summer is over folks. The weather may still be warm, but the movies are about to usher in a whole new season. Yes, award worthy fare is on its way! It’s September now, and as such, we’re turning the page from blockbusters to prestige fare. There’s some lingering attempts at crowd pleasing to be found, but mostly, things will begin vying for awards contention, and that’s our sweet spot ladies and gentlemen. This month looks to a pretty nice month, so there’s no shortage of cinematic options. Below you’ll see what I think the best of September is, having seen a handful of the top titles already. Take a look, obviously, and sit tight for more on a number of these in the weeks to come…

Here now are what I feel are the ten very best bets for the month of September:

the light between oceans

10. Goat – I saw this coming of age tale a month or two ago and found it pretty solid overall. There’s a growing sense of dread that permeates the whole thing. Nick Jonas is pretty solid here too, in a film co-written by David Gordon Green. It’s pretty indie, but I think people with less than fond memories of fraternity life might very well feel compelled to seek it out.

9. Klown Forever – As a huge fan of the first one, I was tickled to see a sequel actually get made. I haven’t watched it yet (it’s out today) to vouch for it or not, but I’d imagine fans of the first one will dig it. Klown certainly wasn’t for everyone, but if you enjoyed the previous installment like I did, I imagine this will be on your radar, at least to some degree.

8. American Honey – I saw this film last night, and while it’s a bit too long, it’s really quite good. The praise given to this one at the Cannes Film Festival is well founded, as Andrea Arnold knocks it out of the park again. Sasha Lane is a revelation, while this is the best I’ve seen from Shia LaBeouf in quite some time. The running time will be a challenge for some, but it’s worth seeing. The soundtrack alone is to be heavily admired, with a beautiful scene set to an underrated Bruce Springsteen song called Dream Baby Dream.

7. The Magnificent Seven – An interesting looking remake, this is a pretty star studded affair. The Toronto Film Festival will unspool it, and honestly, who doesn’t want to see a movie that stars Chris Pratt and Denzel Washington? I doubt it’ll be anything awards worthy or anything of the sort, but I’m very intrigued by it. Stay tuned for more once I actually see it…

6. Sully – Frankly, I’m surprised we haven’t heard more from this biopic, considering how close it is to release. The Telluride Film Festival will essentially launch it, while my normal New York based press screening is on Wednesday. Clint Eastwood is hit or miss for me, but Tom Hanks in the title role here? Yes please. Expect an article on it to come your way by the end of next week!

5. Deepwater Horizon – I was more intrigued by this one when it was J.C. Chandor at the helm, but I did like when Peter Berg teamed up with Mark Wahlberg last time, as we got Lone Survivor. This is sort of their test run before gunning for Oscar with Patriot’s Day at the end of the year, and while that one is more noteworthy to me, I’ll certainly be checking this one out. Nothing to lose, right?

4. Yoga Hosers – As I wrote about earlier in the week, this horror comedy is mostly for fans of Kevin Smith only, but I really dug it. It’s just plain fun. A spin-off from Tusk, this flick will then spin off into Moose Jaws, completing Smith’s little True North Trilogy. The movie is out today and you may have to go looking for it, but I definitely recommend that you do.

3. The Light Between Oceans – I got into it a few days ago, but Derek Cianfrance’s latest is a classy melodrama unlike anything he’s done before. It’s not as devastating as his prior work, but it’s not without its own charms. Michael Fassbender alone should make this worth watching. It begins a run towards possible Academy Award contention today, so keep it in mind…

2. Snowden – There’s some buzz suggesting Joseph Gordon-Levitt is a contender for this biopic, and that has me sold. Oliver Stone is usually at his best making these sorts of conspiracy based dramatic thrillers, so I have an eye on it. I see it next week but will be under embargo, so you’ll have to sit tight for a bit. In any event, definitely stay tuned for plenty more on it!

1. Blair Witch – Yes, even with awards season coming, I’m still most pumped for this surprise sequel. Initially just called The Woods, it was revealed to be this title at Comic-Con, driving people nuts. As a huge fan of the filmmakers, who did The Guest and You’re Next, I couldn’t be more excited. Rumors have it being one of the best horror films in some time, so count me in. The original is a classic, so if they’ve made a worthy follow up, I’m overjoyed.

yoga horses lily-rose depp and harley quinn smith
Honorable Mentions: Bridget Jones’s Baby, Max Rose, Other People, The Queen of Katwe, Storks, and White Girl

Be sure to check out these various films all throughout the month that is September!

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